Actor Terrance Lau on Cathay Pacific’s classic bowling bag and travel

Actor and vintage style connoisseur Terrance Lau talks to Chae Eun Son about the revival of Cathay Pacific’s classic bowling bag and the importance of embracing the moment while travelling

In a celebration of Cathay Pacific’s enduring legacy, the airline has launched a limited-edition collection of stylish yet durable ’70s-inspired bowling bags. The bags are available in two designs that recall the company’s legendary past – a cream-white version embellished with its signature Tung Hoi wave design and a dark green accented with two white stripes, reminiscent of its pre-’90s aircraft livery. Terrance Lau shares his take.

What was your first impression of the bowling bag?

As a fan of vintage style, it gave me a nostalgic feeling. The bag’s classic charm instantly brought back memories of the 1970s and ’80s.

Which aspect of the bag do you find most appealing?

The colour combination, particularly the deep green and white pairing, is incredibly appealing to me. I have a genuine fondness for this deep green shade, reminiscent of the bags used by passengers and flight attendants in movies. Moreover, I greatly appreciate its practical size, making it highly functional for everyday use.

Does the design effectively meet your travel needs?

When it comes to short trips, I don’t carry a lot of items. This bag serves perfectly as my carry-on luggage.

What do you consider to be the standout feature of the bag? Does it reflect your unique style and taste?

I think the bag is well-suited for pairing with a denim jacket, as it can elevate a retro-inspired outfit. With its vintage appeal and elegant style, it’s also suitable for more formal attire.

If you were to give the bag to someone, who would it be and why?

I would give the bag to my cousin because her name is Bo Ling, which sounds like “bowling”! If I were to give it to a friend in the entertainment industry, I would choose Tommy Chu Pak-hong. He has a strong affinity for vintage and denim styles. Furthermore, despite not needing to carry many items, he often carries a heavy backpack. So the bowling bag, which appears small but can hold a lot, would be a perfect choice for him.

What are two things you do when you’re on a plane?

I often look out the window at the ever-changing scenery instead of watching TV, especially on short flights when there isn’t enough time to watch a full movie. I will also make use of this moment to relax and reflect upon life.

What qualities do you consider essential in a travel companion?

I hope my travel companion can have the same spirit of embracing the unknown and seeking adventure as I do. This is because many things in life are unpredictable, and even with well-made plans, they may not always unfold as expected. I believe that welcoming the unknown can lead to delightful surprises. For example, several years ago when I went on a backpacking trip to Europe, I didn’t use online maps at all. Instead, I relied solely on offline maps and had no idea which way to go. However, because of this, I had the chance to meet a variety of people throughout my travels, whether it was during my stays, while shopping or while dining.

What essential items do you carry with you during your travels? Is there a particular item you would personally recommend?

Apart from clothing, skincare products and a portable garment steamer, I like to bring a notebook and pen while travelling. While gazing at the sky and clouds, particularly during flights when inspiration can strike unexpectedly, I often find myself in deep contemplation, generating a wide range of ideas. Having a notebook and pen at hand allows me to effortlessly capture and record those thoughts.

When it comes to work travel, what aspect do you consider to be the most significant?

I believe the most important thing is to cherish the present moment and enjoy the time spent with family, friends or travel companions. It’s common for people to get easily distracted during their travels, either by work or by being engrossed in their smartphones, and miss out the opportunity to enjoy the present moment with the people around them and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.

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