A tribute to Iris Apfel in looks and quotes

Trailblazing designer, model and stylist Iris Apfel may have passed on recently at the grand age of 102. But style and wit is forever and Apfel had lots of both, which helped her become a beloved style icon in her 90’s. David Ho looks back on some of Apfel’s best looks and pearls of wisdom

On herself. “I’m not pretty, and I’ll never be pretty, but it doesn’t matter. I have something much better. I have style.”

On the secret to being stylish. “Being stylish and being fashionable are two entirely different things. You can easily buy your way into being fashionable. Style, I think is in your DNA. It implies originality and courage.”

On what draws her eye. “I like big and bold and a lot of pizzazz.”

On the possibility of retiring. “I think retiring at any age is a fate worse than death. Just because a number comes up doesn’t mean you have to stop.”

On her work ethic. “I go at it full, I’m very passionate about what I do. I put my heart and soul (into things) and it feeds me. I push myself until I can’t anymore and then come back again for more. I’m a glutton for punishment.”

On social media. “It’s too damn nosy. I don’t give a damn what you ate, and I don’t care who you’re sleeping with… It’s an enormous waste of time.”

On life. “Only one trip. Might as well live it up.”

Her motto. “More is more and less is a bore.”

Photos: Instagram @iris.apfel

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