Rewind: #legend’s fashion editorials of 2020

Despite all of 2020’s woes, there have been some major fashion wins – the birth of new initiatives to fight against racism, a greater push towards accountability, and of course, the incredibly creative penetration into the virtual space. But let’s not forget all the amazing looks that came out of this year, as we take a look at #legend’s fashion shoots from 2020.

January/February 2020


If we aren’t kind to what our planet has provided, one day it may take back all that it has given. If we could hit the reset button, could you imagine us living symbiotically and in harmony?

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Plastic Oceans with Stephanie Au

“Our beautiful oceans are filled with plastic. We cannot turn a blind eye to the consequences of convenience. Single-use plastics litter our shorelines and are now sadly embedded in our food chain. Every step you make to reduce single-use plastic is a win, so I implore you to #startsmallstartnow.” – Laura Derry Southwood (co-founder of Ecodrive)

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March 2020

Body of Art

A study of the human body, taking on sculptural forms with the help of this season’s most artistic styles. 

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Living Canvas

When the lines between classical art and ageless fashion become blurred.

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April 2020

Her Song with Louise Wong

In this day and age where women are still marginalised within segments of society and are often overshadowed by their male counterparts, have we done enough yet to mend the inequality between genders?

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The Future is No Sex

“The future is no sex. You can be a boy, a girl, whatever you want. I have a lot of man in me. I have just as much woman in me as I have man. It’s just a matter of channelling the energy into which way you use it” – Grace Jones

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Perfectly Imperfect

Everyone wants to be perfect. What even is perfection, anyways? 

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May/June 2020


In the future, could we finally discover liveable conditions on a nearby moon? Perhaps it’ll be one that isn’t too dissimilar from our home planet – yet eerily different, and inhabited by humans free of race or culture. We may not witness this in our lifetime, but this is what we imagine it may look like.

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Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored

How are you spending your time in self-isolation

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July/August 2020

Only Time Will Tell

The right watch can make or break a look – and specific moments call for certain ensembles. Here’s how to best pair these fantastic timepieces with the sharpest styles. 

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September 2020

L’éveil: Style meets surrealism

A real and online world becoming increasingly surreal every day; L’Éveil steps into an eclectic vision of the social movements of our era, driven by a digital world full of judgements and critics. A world requiring us to fit in the box it wants us to shape into. A world we want to escape, but a reality we can’t hide from.

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October 2020

Cosy, sexy, cool: Knitwear for men

Let’s direct our gaze to the cardigans and knits that will lead the transition to autumn and the ways they complement, exhibit and exaggerate masculine sensibility.

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Modern Family

While tradition retains most of its iron grip over East Asian families, splinters are showing in this picture-perfect family dynamic in the face of modernity. Something looks askew.

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November 2020

Can’t touch this: Power dressing

Legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham couldn’t have known how closely he nailed it for 2020 when he said: “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” Resilience is more necessary than ever these days, so we’re serving up full-body looks and exaggerated shapes with strong shoulders and tough fabrics to see us through.

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Sip Still: Shanghai Tang at Haw Par Music

The ultimate salve, the act of drinking tea unites people across cultures and time. We pay homage to this time-honoured ritual and the culture from which it originates in this languid shoot of chinoiserie basics with a twist. 

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December 2020

Electric Dreams

Party season takes an abstract turn this year, with quirky patterns and prints galore paired with rainbow hues and ladylike accessories.

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The Butterfly Effect

Like a caterpillar that transforms into a chrysalis and finally a kaleidoscopic butterfly, the season’s most colourful and quirky fashions are a spectacular sight to behold.

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The Beauty of the Barren with Angela Yuen

As we emerge from the darkness of social anguish, political despair and a global pandemic, actress and influencer Angela Yuen finds beauty in barren landscapes.

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