About - Hashtag Legend


In an age when luxury has supposedly lost its lustre and print is said to be on its deathbed, we asked ourselves what exactly it is that defines a luxury magazine experience. Is there more to the glossy pages than beautiful dresses, diamond-studded rings and private jets?

At #legend, we like to believe that there is much more to a luxurious encounter, in that it should be exquisite, unique, tailored, authentic, conscious, cutting-edge, life-altering and, yes, interactive. Championing luxury fast-forward, we believe in legend and tradition, but with a nod to the future and the fast-paced world we live in, bringing that legacy and know-how into the digital realm.

An all-encompassing affair, readers can indulge in a beautiful print publication, instantly recognisable by its fresh, understated and striking design, intelligent features with an international perspective, witty columns and on-the-pulse stories that continue seamlessly on our online platform – where the latest news briefs, fast-twitch commentary, video interviews and innovative digitorials can be found.

Aimed at well-educated and well-heeled cultural influencers, we offer our movers and shakers the full spectrum – from art to dining, fashion, travel and wellness. We’ll hear from the legends, game changers, tastemakers, disruptors and instigators who are shaping and changing the way we view our world.

Far removed from the run-of-the-mill, mass-market offerings, we aim to deliver the groundbreaking bespoke experiences that await those for whom time is the ultimate luxury. We’ll be catering to your unique desires, tastes and whims, bringing you that little bit closer to the life and experiences of your dreams.

This is the good life reimagined, luxury redefined – the stuff of legend.