#legendchats: Nicky Zimmermann on her ultimate summer wardrobe

Hot summer days call for a colourful wardrobe to match the vibes, and Australian luxury brand Zimmermann is exactly what we all need to jazz things up. “Zimmermann pieces are joyful, and the brand offers a great balance of productions suited for all occasions – from accessible and versatile satin dresses to aspiration gowns,” says Libby Page of Net-a-Porter

We spoke with co-founder Nicky Zimmermann of the eponymous label about her ultimate summer wardrobe and the things she enjoys as a Sydney-based sun seeker.

What do you look forward to most during summer days?

I just love the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle and having so many spectacular beaches to enjoy in Sydney. For me, nothing beats a dip in the ocean before starting the day.

Photo: Zimmermann

What are your summer wardrobe essentials?

You can never have too many hats – a bucket hat, oversized straw hat or a wide brim boater with a tie around the neck and if you’re anything like me, several swimsuits to change into throughout the day – something to be more active in then something a bit more fun and frivolous! I love to have a few white cotton voile dresses, vintage printed chiffon dresses to throw over a swimsuit and a big casual tote to carry everything I need for a day at the beach.

Photo: Zimmermann

What are your tips for someone unfamiliar with wearing prints?

Don’t overthink it – be experimental; fashion is something to have fun with, and you can always change! I’d start by finding a print that suits your personal style. It might be something a bit 70’s or a little sexier like a leopard print, and give it a go.

Which colours do you think flatter most people and seasons?

That’s hard to say everyone is so different. To me, clothes should make you feel happy and are a way to express yourself so wear the colour that suits your mood and makes you feel confident. I don’t have rules around colours for the season – bright and colourful to me always work – you’ll never catch me in black.

Photo: Zimmermann

Living in Australia gives you close access to nature. Are there places you often revisit as a primary source of inspiration?

Growing up by the beach in Sydney has always influenced how I dress and think about design – the environment and the lifestyle are so intertwined. We tend to be a lot more relaxed in our style choices than other parts of the world, and heading from the beach to lunch with a swimsuit under a beautiful dress is just part of the way of life.

Photo: Zimmermann

What’s the experience like partnering with Net-a-Porter, and in what aspects did it propel Zimmermann to new heights?

We’ve been working with Net-a-Porter for over 15 years. They embraced and understood what we did early on and loved the authenticity of it. They’ve always had a clear understanding of our brand, what the product is and why it appeals to their clients, so we’ve always been able to be great partners, and they never tried to shift us into anything else. When we were starting out, they helped provide us with a platform to reach a global client, which is something you really need for a brand based in Australia.

Zimmermann’s range of luxe bohemian beachwear is available on Net-a-Porter

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