#legend100: Mayao, Kayla Wong, Keith Lee and Tim Fung’s sweetest summer memories

Summer is usually marked with travels so it can be particularly nostalgic during yet another grounded summer season, thanks to Covid. We checked in with a few of our #legend100 friends including Mayao, Kayla Wong, Keith Lee, and Tim Fung, to find out what some of their sweetest summer memories are.


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“It’s got to be my trip to Hawaii with a bunch of close friends two summers ago, when we visited the Hawaiian Islands of Honolulu and Maui. During the week-long getaway, I learned to surf and immersed myself deeply in nature. The picturesque views made every moment a delight.”

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Kayla Wong

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“My favourite summer was around three years ago, when I was able to go on vacation with the entire family to Phuket. It was one of those trips as an adult that strengthened our family bond, and of course, the everlasting sun and beautiful views of the sea just added to the experience. I look forward to when we can all travel together again.”

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Keith Lee

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“Two separate memories come to mind. A recent one is my trip to Santorini, Greece, viewing the majestic sunsets under one of their many pearl white buildings with a glass of Riesling. The other memory is from my high school years in Edinburgh, lying on the football pitch by myself with a pint of ice-cold Guinness to cool off.”

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Tim Fung

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“One of my fondest memories of summer was our annual family road trip up to the mountains in Banff and Jasper, Alberta. We’d get up at 5am just so that we could hit up Banff National Park in time for lunch. We kids would take our pillows and blankets into the car and fall right asleep while my dad would drive and mom would keep him company. We’d always visit Lake Louise, a beautiful lake set against a snowy mountainous view that is so iconic of Canada, and eat at the same restaurant inside of the Fairmont Chateau. I miss quality family time so much, especially having not seen them for over 1.5 years due to the pandemic. Hopefully, we’ll get to reunite soon!”

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