#legendasks: How to envision the future of NFTs

Award-winning #legend magazine celebrates its 6th Anniversary through collaboration with crypto billionaire and NFT artist, Allan Banford. Co-founder of #legend, Anne Lim-Chaplain, in her publisher’s note this month envisions the future of the creative digital world

Hong Kong’s pioneering omnichannel luxury lifestyle platform, #legend, is launching six hybrid NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on OpenSea to celebrate its 6th anniversary. The colourful series captures the cutting-edge dynamism for which the magazine is known.

What are the challenges in creating your own NFTs?

For almost a year, the #legend team has worked and developed this collection of NFT covers to coincide with its 6th anniversary which overlaps with Art Month. Plans to launch the digital art pieces during its celebrations this month have been derailed with the tightening of social distancing restrictions by the Hong Kong government. 

“Our disappointment aside, we realised that with everyone confined at home, enjoyment could still be had by viewing our creations online or in our magazine,” says Lim. “So we are excited to share #legend’s first-ever NFTs in our 6th-anniversary issue.”

What is the series about?

The series is created in collaboration with crypto billionaire and NFT artist, Allan Banford. The six NFTs are obtainable digitally on the American online NFT marketplace, OpenSea, and as print magazine covers from their March 2022 issue. This partnership catapults luxury lifestyle into the next dimension. Each release reflects the creative, inquisitive and daring spirit of both #legend and the artist. 

“Published with six distinct covers, each cover depicts one of our hybrid NFTs. The decision to work with the crypto billionaire and renowned NFT artist became obvious as we learned more about him. As a Hong Kong resident, Banford’s visionary career extends beyond the realm of fine arts as he was the first to initiate an art crypto sale of blockchain.”

Through this NFT series’ bright and contrasting colours, the collection aims to invoke joy and excitement in viewers – especially during this dreary time. Each piece is designed down to the very last pixel by Banford, pushing the boundaries of digital and physical. 

What is #legend’s direction when it comes to the metaverse?

The advent of digital art is a growing area within the luxury lifestyle community of artists, brands and celebrities that are part of #legend’s network. The belief in this new creative digital world, #legend aims to continue its investment in the Arts and the artists. 

What can we expect as prospective #legend NFT owners?

“Our first limited edition of our six cover NFTs are available for purchase on OpenSea. Those owners will also receive a signed copy of the magazine of the corresponding cover art by the artist,” says Lim. “We believe this first collection sets a new standard for publishing. Just as we staked our beliefs in omnichannel luxury publishing six years ago, today we are making a statement on the next six years.”

Sales for the six digital art pieces launch on Tuesday, 1 March, on OpenSea. Check out the #legend website for further details. 

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