11 Hong Kong cats to follow on Instagram

This International Cat Day, say ‘meow’ to these gorgeous, amazing and floofy feline infurrencers we love to follow. Here are 11 of the cutest Hong Kong cat accounts to follow on Instagram:


Photo: @chinesewhiskers/Instagram

These Hong Kong shop cats mean business.


Photo: @totoro.cat.hk/Instagram

The most blingin’ cat in Hong Kong, paws down.


Photo: @jojojoycelam/Instagram

If it fits, I sit.


Photo: @whiskyjellyfish/Instagram

We’ve all been there.


Photo: @judelawphat/Instagram

Living with 24 Herbs’ Phat Law = plenty of cattitude.


Photo: @sheungwancats/Instagram

More shop cats with sass.


Photo: @hongkongcats/Instagram

Warning: you might just feel compelled to take one home.


Photo: @puddingchaplain/Instagram

Life by the sea shore ain’t so bad.


Photo: @faeballchai/Instagram

Being the fur baby of Hong Kong photographer Ricky Lo has its perks.


Photo: @whiskeyandgin_thecats/Instagram

Victoria Chow‘s cats certainly have good taste in spirits.


Photo: @imfaron_exotic/Instagram

In a rut? Take a hint from Faron and turn your life upside down.

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