What you need for an office setup

A work setup that is ergonomic, functional and stylish is essential, whether in the office or at home. David Ho recommends some things you might want to consider for the best setup

Steelcase Karman mesh chair

When you write as much as we do, a lot of time is spent sitting. For that, the right chair is probably one of the most important investments one can make. My previous chair left me with a back crunchier than a bag of chips so the Steelcase Karman (HK$12,599) was a much welcomed change.

The mesh chair has a design that responds to a body’s movement well, giving support and comfort that my body needed. The red-blue model I use has a unique colour shifting mesh material that gives the appearance of changing purple gradients when looked at from different positions. So it makes a great aesthetic choice for those looking for a great office throne. Get it here.

Steelcase Migration SE Pro

What’s a good chair without the right desk? Steelcase also offers a height adjustable desk, the Migration SE Pro(HK$8,649), so you can work standing or seated. Available in two sizes and seven colour combinations, it comes with a 4-way memory controller with memory preset that remembers your ideal height adjustments whether you’re sitting, standing or sharing a desk. Get it here.

Tree Simply City ladder shelves

Space is always tight in Hong Kong. But that just means we need to be smarter with how we store things. We love the ladder shelves (HK$3,450) from Tree’s Simply City collection, available in 100% solid Forest Stewardship Council-certified teak and sustainably sourced European oak. The long, lean original ladder design reminds one a bit of the bamboo scaffolding that is so iconic to Hong Kong and adds a touch of rustic and whimsy to an office display of books without taking up too much floor space. Get it here.

Baccarat Eye Vase Pink S

It’s all about Barbie pink this summer. If you want to add a splash of fun to your setup, the Baccarat Eye Vase Pink S (HK$10,800) from its Think Pink collection is great for that. The lines on the Eye vase create a spiral in constant movement, so it provides something eye catching and energetic in your office. Perfect as a flower vase, functional storage or simply a display piece by itself. Get it here.

Kef LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition sound system

We love working to some hot new beats. Following the success of the Kef in-car audio system for Lotus, these two iconic British brands are teaming up once again to introduce the Kef LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition (HK$62,800). It is a floor-standing speaker system that combines the companies’ passion for engineering and design innovation. Not only can you connect this new edition with other Kef audio systems around the house, but it also gives you the best TV sound experience. If you are looking for a seamless audio setup at home that will keep you focused and entertained at the same time, give the Kef-Lotus wireless edition a whirl. Get it here.

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