5 luxury homeware pieces to refine your Valentine’s at home

Discover the finest homeware pieces to elevate and transform your space, creating a tasteful and love-filled ambience

As the season of love approaches, infusing your living space with an air of romance becomes an enchanting endeavour. Embrace the essence of Valentine’s Day with this curated collection of homeware, where every piece tells a story of love, joy, and shared moments. The curated selections are more than just refined homeware, but a celebration of love and connection. Embrace the season of love with these exquisite homeware additions, turning your space into a sanctuary of romance and joy.


La Mini Sélection Bois by Byredo

Set the romantic flames of passion with La Mini Sélection Bois by Byredo. This trio of miniature candles, featuring Bibliothèque and Burning Rose, as well as Tree House, creates an intimate atmosphere. Bibliothèque will serve you with cinnamon and vanilla notes, while Burning Rose will give you nothing but rose and wood, and lastly, the Tree House will bring you to the extravagance of nature by pimento and wood. Each speciality will evoke emotions of love and connection, setting the perfect ambience for a romantic evening.


Barocco Bathrobe by Versace

Wrap yourself in the luxury of love with the Barocco Bathrobe from Versace. The soft terry-towelling fabric, adorned with the Barocco print and ’90s Vintage Logo, transforms your daily routine into a refined romantic ritual. The thoughtful details, like the belt and the blend of Cotton and Cashmere, make it a sensual and comforting addition to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Loro Piana

Light Pink (left) and Tango Red (right) Unito Blanket by Loro Piana

Wrap yourself in the embrace of warmth and elegance with Loro Piana’s Unito Blanket. Meticulously crafted from cashmere using the frisson technique, this blanket beckons cuddles and shared moments. The delicate fringe imparts a touch of refinement, transforming it into a symbol of affection that elevates the cosiness of your Valentine’s Day retreat. The Unito Blanket offers a spectrum of shades, with Light Pink and Tango Red highly recommended for the romantic season of Valentine’s.


Panthère De Cartier Vase, small model by Cartier

Indulge in a touch of opulent romance with the Panthère De Cartier Vase, a truly exquisite choice. The tropical coral motif and its modest size infuse a sense of delicacy, making it perfect for spaces with limited room. The panther motif, symbolising strength and grace, imparts a hint of mystery and allure making it an ideal backdrop for romantic gestures. Elevate your space with this luxurious vase, where each glance unveils a new layer of sophistication and passion.

Bottega Veneta

Banana Tray by Bottega Veneta

Add a playful element and touch of craftsmanship to your Valentine’s Day celebration with Bottega Veneta’s Banana Tray. This precious is woven by hand using Foulard Intreccio craftsmanship, a unique and brilliant decorative piece. The Red Stone colour and the metal plate with the engraved logo bring a sense of exclusivity, making it an ideal centrepiece for showcasing Valentine’s Day treats.

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