Bling Empire’s Kane Lim talks about new Netflix movie, his plant-based start-up, and finding time to do good

Fun, fabulous and a fan favourite, Bling Empire’s Kane Lim talks about his acting debut in Netflix’s new holiday movie “A California Christmas: City Lights” ,

Kane in Paso Robles for Sensorio Paso. Photo: Kane Lim

As one of the breakout stars on Netflix’s hit reality series, “Bling Empire,” Kane Lim lights up the screen, stealing every scene he’s in with his compassionate, jovial nature

It’s no wonder the charismatic Lim was hired to act in Netflix’s Christmas movie, “A California Christmas: City Lights”. The film premieres on the streaming channel on December 16 and stars real-life husband and wife, Lauren and Josh Swickard (“General Hospital”).

“A California Christmas 2: City Lights” cast members Lauren and Josh Swickard with producer Ali Afshar. Photo: Kane Lim

“Lauren and Joshua are my dear friends; I’ve known them for a long time,” Lim told Hashtag Legend in an exclusive interview. “I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to try out acting. I fit the description of the character – a successful Asian person from San Francisco. So I was like, ‘okay, let me just try this!’ I didn’t want to embarrass myself if it didn’t work out, but it’s always great to try new things.”

Lim may have caught the acting bug and is up for future roles.

“I actually really enjoyed myself. I thought I was going to be nervous when practising the script. But I’ve had so much fun. I didn’t overthink it. I would absolutely be up for doing it again, but this time, guest star in something more dramatic/serious.”

Lim is hoping to find acting gigs that would involve only a few scenes. “I have looked at scripts that are 20 pages and thought, wow, that’s long! I just don’t have the capacity to do that,” he quipped.

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Working on “Bling Empire”

Kane with Heart Evangelista who we may potentially see on season 2 of
Bling Empire. Photo: Kane Lim

The Singaporean entrepreneur has been working nonstop on “Bling,” which Lim says has a lot of surprises for season two.

“There are new friends, and some of the cast members from season one are not there anymore sadly. We will see a lot of my relationship issues with this group of crazy people that I love. I go through a lot of emotional rollercoasters this time, where people will see a bit more of who I am and what I do.”

Lim said he has developed “amazing friendships” with some of the new cast and was genuinely surprised by how much he opened up on camera.

“Whereas on season one we see the happy me, this time, I talk more about my insecurities and my weight loss growing up. I go really in-depth and share very personal moments that I think even my friends don’t know. For me to do this was very hard. Audiences may think I am an extrovert, but really I am quite shy in social situations.”

Celebrating his birthday in Las Vegas with castmate/DJ Kim Lee. Photo: Kane Lim

Lim is thrilled that his parents have been so encouraging about his Hollywood pursuits.

“My dad’s a businessman and very supportive; he knows that ‘Bling’ is a great platform for my various businesses and helping to promote Asian awareness. Highlighting our culture is so important, especially right now, and I know he’s proud of me. I’m planning to visit with my family soon, so we can talk more about it.”

He added, “It’s just such a watershed moment for Asians to be seen, to be recognized as part of America. I love when we are seen as cool, successful people who most importantly, are perceived as equals.”

Lim The Businessman

Kane with “Selling Sunset” star, Chrishell Stause. Photo: Kane Lim

Real estate is Lim’s main business, and he also has a few investment projects he’s been focusing on. “I have two houses I am working on in Mount Washington, Los Angeles. Not many people know I also work with Chrishell Stause and The Oppenheim Group from Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset,’ which has been wonderful. I have my license and represent myself, and she is one of my co-listers as well.”

Lim is also one of the initial investors for an Indonesian plant-based company called Burgreens and Green Rebel. Green Rebel is a plant-based food start-up focusing on Indonesian and Southeast Asian cuisines. It is part of Indonesia’s largest plant-based eatery and catering chain Burgreens.

“I think there’s so much potential for Asian plant-based food; I feel like it’s a potential billion-dollar company. Both my family and I have invested a lot of money in it. I am vegan, and living this kind of life helps the world and the environment too.”  

In addition to his clothing line, Bling Panda, and a pre-workout fitness supplement drink company called Matcha Mantra, Lim is an investor in Happy Fish – a children’s swim school with several locations in Malaysia and Singapore. The popular reality star is working to bring the franchise to the US. 

Being of Service 

At the Unforgettable gala which took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
Photo: Kane Lim

When he’s not working or shopping, Lorganisationd about, making a difference in the world as a philanthropist.

“I was one of the official jewellery sponsors for the nonprofit organisation, Miracles for Kids. I donated a US$34,000 emerald ring for an auction during the gala, which raised $3 million. As a Buddhist, it’s particularly important for me to give back to those in need.”

Lim has been invited as a special guest by Venerable Abbot Shi Yan Fan to receive a special blessing at the annual holiday celebration at the Shaolin Temple of Los Angeles.

“Buddhism teaches me compassion for myself and others so that people are treated kindly and respectfully. In these difficult times, everyone is struggling in their own way,” he acknowledged. 

Lim also feels like it has helped him understand the concept of cause and effect. “Buddhists believe that many diseases are caused by killing, and it’s important to respect the environment and animals.” 

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