5 things to know about K-pop girl group Twice’s Tzuyu

Tzuyu, the youngest member of Korea’s #1 K-Pop girl group Twice, is widely known for her perfect and doll-like appearance, often called “Angel Face with Devil Body”. As the star turns 23 on June 14, here are five things you should know about her

She is a pet lover

Photo: @twicetagram / Instagram

Many Korean artists have been very vocal about their love for their pets, and Tzuyu is no exception. Once, in her V-live, she mentioned that 70% of her gallery is filled with Gucci’s, the name of her dog, pictures – unfortunately, Gucci passed away on September 22nd, 2020.

This is not the end of her love for animals. In honour of her stance as a passionate pet lover, Tzuyu’s fans have donated a total of 614 kg of kibbles and NT$61,400 (an equivalent of HK$16,200 or US$2,060) to the Animal Protection Centre in Taiwan on her birthday in 2016. The artist is also a fervent volunteer and has ended up adopting two dogs, Kaya and Butter, from the dog centre she volunteered at.

She has many celebrity friends

Shuhua, Elkie, and Tzuyu. Photo: @chongtingyanelkie / Instagram

Twice debuted seven years ago (in 2015), and has since been hailed as a “role model” among newly fomred K-pop girl groups. As a result, Tzuyu’s celebrity network is no joke, which include (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua and a former member of GFriend, Sowon.

Her strong friendship with Shuhua of (G)-idle comes from sharing the same Taiwanese nationality. This friendship has deepened even more after COVID-19 paralysed travels in which they couldn’t return home to Taiwan. They have grown close and relied even more on one another.

Their moments together during the Lunar New Year Holiday in Korea were captured on Tzuyu’s V-live. And they celebrated CLC member Elkie’s birthday together, in which they further confirmed their relationship as being “amazing friends”.

Tzuyu shares a network with a former member of GFriend, Sowon. They met at Hanlim multi-art school and has continued their friendship until they appeared on stage at the 2018 KBS Song Festival while performing Miss A’s HUSH together as a visual members of each group.

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She is a pesco-vegetarian

Photo: @twicetagram / Instagram

Diet is always a number one concern with K-Pop girl group members. However, Tzuyu’s changed her diet plan to pesco-vegetarian. This means a vegetarian diet including fish and seafood. She did not mention any specific reason behind the change, but did point out how it was a conscious, personal choice.

During her V-live broadcast, she divulged her strong interest in visiting vegan restaurants and cafés in Korea with Elkie of CLC.

She is the first Taiwanese K-pop idol

Photo: JYP Entertainment

Many of Korea’s pop idol groups often comprises many different nationalities, from Chinese to Thai. Tzuyu was the first Taiwanese national to debut in Korea and with JYP Entertainment as a K-Pop girl group member.

Her debut was extraordinary in Taiwan, and a hot topic in Taiwanese media. She was ranked 9th for most searched celebrities on Taiwan webpages in 2015.

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She is multilingual

Photo: JYP Entertainment

Tzuyu was born in Taiwan before moving to Korea. Her background means that Tzuyu speaks two languages fluently such as Chinese and Korean.

Being Taiwanese, she naturally spoke Mandarin Chinese with her family and friends. In the Korean TV programme “My Little Television”, she uses some Taiwanese Chinese but said she was unfamiliar with it. And without a doubt, her fluency in Korean rose after debuting in 2015.

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