An insight into Blackbird Ferrari’s brand new service centre in Hong Kong

On December 12, we visited Blackbird Concessionaires’ brand new Technical Service Centre, one of the first in Asia to be certified as an Officina Ferrari Classiche Centre. Nestled in an industrial area in Kwai Chung, the 70,000sqft space is home to some of the most advanced equipment and facilities in the automotive realm. The service centre is not only highly functional, but also has a very sleek design – truly a testament to the phrase “function over form”. 

We were taken on an in-depth tour of the whole service centre as our guides explained (in great detail) the extremely intricate work that Blackbird does. It’s a treasure trove for any car enthusiast. Just walking around the space, we saw countless classic Ferraris, each going through various stages of the restoration process.

Some standout cars for us included multiple Ferrari F50s, a LaFerrari and, of course, the 1-of-7 Ferrari Daytona Spider that went through a full mechanical restoration. It was extremely interesting seeing the experienced technicians working their magic on the cars as well – after all, while we were there, it was still a busy day in the workshop. 

Ferrari Classiche is a certification Ferrari dealers receive that authorises them to provide full restoration, maintenance, repair and documentation services for all Ferraris that are deemed “classic”. This place is so much more than a service centre. As soon as you walk in, there’s a spacious customer lounge where one is able to enjoy a beverage and perhaps make some decisions on their next purchase.

During the tour, a lot was said about the high level of engagement that customers have with the Blackbird team during the restoration process of their prized possessions. This particular service centre also holds the largest stocks of genuine Ferrari parts out of any Ferrari service centre – and this is a godsend when restoring a classic Ferrari, as parts are extremely hard to come by due to the rarity of the cars. 

Above all, the most interesting aspect of the whole day was listening to the stories that the team had to share about each individual car in the workshop. It was a privilege to absorb so much knowledge about Blackbird’s work behind the scenes. We could see the true passion for automobiles from all the staff and it was a pleasure to be welcomed into their wonderful place of work to view some of the world’s most incredible cars and learn about Blackbird’s vision.

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