The PIVOT Bed lets you sleep, work out and repeat

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If there is any silver lining coming out of the global pandemic, it might just be the recent prioritisation of physical and mental health. As gym-goers look to build their personal home studios, new innovations are making it easier than ever to work out from the comfort and safety of home. Enter the PIVOT Bed, a sleek and discreet bed that transforms into a personal gym.

Making the most of compact city living, the PIVOT Bed is both a premium bed when folded down, and a comprehensive gym when folded up. Constructed with a durable S355 grade steel frame, the bed opens up to reveal a built-in commercial-quality power-rack, dip bar and pull up bar, with space to attach tech devices for watching workout videos (or catching up on Netflix).

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Photo: PIVOT Fitness

There’s also ample room for fold-down exercise equipment such as a treadmill, rowing machine or weight bench, which makes it possible to do varied and effective exercises right in your bedroom. The PIVOT Bed’s patent-pending flooring solution is designed to protect your floor from weights, impact and movement, and serves as a non-slip surface to work out on. 

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Photo: PIVOT Fitness

When you’re done with your WOTD, powerful gas struts assist in lifting, lowering or adjusting the bed height to become a fully functional premium bed, which can blend seamlessly into any living arrangement. Currently available in a double or king-size, the PIVOT Bed can easily be integrated into a guest room or main bedroom. 

For fitness lovers interested in upgrading their home gym setup, the PIVOT Bed is now live on Kickstarter with pledges starting at £750 GBP (approximately US$1,000).

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