#legendgiveaway 5 of 7: A 75 minute lifestyle consultation

For our 7th anniversary, we have prepared seven giveaways. #legend is giving you a chance to win a 75 minute lifestyle consultation with Integrated Institute of Nutrition-certified health coach Neelam Daswani


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Neelam Daswani is a Japan-born Indian living in Hong Kong. After a dear family member ended ended up in ICU, she found herself embracing a holistic approach to assist with recovery. This difficult time motivated her to return to school and get certified as a Health Coach through the Integrated Institute of Nutrition (NYC). Over the last two years, she has worked with over 80 clients on maximising energy, improving sleep, achieving weight loss and hitting overall health goals.

By reviewing your food and health history, Neelam will provide valuable insights into progressing your bio-individual health goals, including your current food intake and lifestyle. The sessions will consist of either a 60 minute Zoom call or an in-person consultation, followed by a 15 minute Zoom follow-up call a week later. The package is valued at HK$1,750.

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