Work out at home: 5 space-saving fitness equipment to get in Hong Kong

No gym? No problem. Staying active when the gym is closed has never been easier with the amount of space-saving, innovative and multifunctional equipment options available on the market. But building a “gym” from the comfort of your home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your precious floor space. We’ve found the most compact exercise equipment that will take your workout routine to the next level.

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Earned Aqua Bag

Photo: Earned Athletic

If you’re used to weight training at the gym, a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells probably won’t cut it. Launched just in time during the third wave, the Earned Aqua Bag has become the quintessential home gym equipment. And no, you don’t need to be a heavy lifter to reap the benefits of the aqua bag. You can fill up as much water as you want by making use of the side marker. Available in 20KG and 37KG, the best part is that it’s foldable so you save space too.

Price: HK$450-475

Available at

AbsFocus Pilates Kit


If you plan on holding a plank until you drop to get abs, think again. Created by Janice Ng of AbsFocus, the Pilates kit is designed to make your ab exercises more challenging by adding resistance. The set includes a Pilates ball and a ring, both of which are sweat-resistance to provide excellent grip. The ball is soft yet durable to give your back a comfortable support, while the ring can be used as a free weight to increase intensity. Hello six pack!

Price: HK$250

Available at

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KARA Smart Fitness Mirror

Photo: KARA Smart Fitness

Ever thought you could turn your home into a gym with just a mirror? That’s right, the KARA smart fitness mirror is the ultimate home gym solution you’ve been waiting for. Not only does it track your movement to give live feedback and calorie calculation, it also comes with a 12-month subscription to all fitness content led by celebrity trainers. With the mirror installed at home, there’s literally no room for excuses.

Price: HK$12,500

Available at

Decathlon Push-Up Board

The push-up may just be the perfect exercise for building upper-body and core strength. But if you don’t feel challenged by regular push-ups anymore, we’ve got an upgrade for you. Shake up your mundane push-up routine with this colour-coded push-up board to target specific muscles (chest, shoulders, back and arms) while engaging your core. With 30+ combo positions available, this plug-and-press system makes sure different muscles are stimulated in multiple positions and angles—who says push-ups have to be boring?

Price: HK$169

Available at

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Matrix S-Drive Power

Photo: Matrix Fitness

Want a treadmill but looking to train your strength and endurance as well? Enter the S-Drive Power, the all-in-one machine that combines a treadmill, weighted sled, resistance parachute and harness system—gone are the days when you need the whole hallway to push a sled. Allowing forward, lateral and reverse movements, the design maximises neuromuscular development and enhances agility for exercise enthusiasts of all ability levels.

Available at

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