5 germ-free essentials for your gym bag

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After weeks of mandatory closures due to Covid-19, Hong Kong gyms have finally started to open again this weekend.

Coronavirus notwithstanding, gyms can be breeding grounds for germs including bacteria, fungus and viruses—in one study, gym weights were found to carry 362 times as many bacteria as a toilet seat!

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While Hong Kong gyms are taking sanitisation very seriously, you can never be too careful. So before you dash off to get sweaty at your favourite studio, be sure to pack these germ-free essentials in your gym bag (in addition to your usual wet wipes and hand sanitiser):

1. Personal towel

Layer a mat-sized, lightweight and absorbent yoga towel over the provided mats at the studio to create an extra barrier between you and downward dog germs.

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2. Flip flops

Always wear flip flops in the shower and change rooms to avoid stepping into something you might regret—we’re talking germs that could cause warts, athlete’s foot or worse!

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3. Mini hair dryer

Hair dryers are known to be hotbeds of germs, which can get blown right into your face, hair and head. Instead, bring your own mini hair dryer to avoid any scalp-to-scalp action.

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4. Water bottle

Don’t go anywhere near that water fountain spout—instead, fill up your own reusable water bottle that’ll keep your drinks ice cold or steaming hot.

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5. Workout gloves

Besides offering better grip and cushioning for your hands, workout gloves are also great for creating an additional barrier between yourself and gym surfaces—just be sure to wash them regularly as well.

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