Graff: Revealing “Graffabulous”, an extraordinary gemstones collection

The House of Graff reveals “Graffabulous”, its latest high-jewellery campaign and an unrivalled display of extraordinary gemstones across 80 unique pieces

Model wears Graff Tribal Collection multi-shape yellow and white diamond Sun+Moon Necklace. Photo: Graff

Ever since Laurence Graff OBE turned a passion for diamonds into his eponymous jewellery company in 1960, the House of Graff has stood for the finest, rarest and most spectacular gemstones. And nowhere does this expertise and excellence shine through more than in its high jewellery creations and campaigns.

This year’s campaign, aptly named “Graffabulous”, captures more than 80 unique pieces crafted with an unprecedented 3,600 carats of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires – making it among the greatest gatherings of gems ever seen in a single high jewellery campaign. All of the precious stones for which the House is renowned are included, ranging from a perfect 38 carat D Flawless ExEx Type IIa cushion-cut white diamond to an unheated 109 carat Sri Lankan sapphire.

Photo: Graff

The new collection is also one of Graff’s most intricate ever, with myriad layers of detail and masterful combinations of colour. Among the most prominent pieces are 20 high jewellery necklaces, including one masterpiece crafted from a phenomenal collection of Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds.

“As designers, we listen to the songs the stones are singing, focusing on the music and the rhythm,” says Anne-Eva Geffroy, design director at Graff. “Like the ripples that emanate outwards when a stone is dropped in water, the tempo increases as the jewels graduate in size until they reach a crescendo: a central motif where the full force of these natural gemstones is concentrated.”

Other “Graffabulous” highlights include an expansion of motifs first seen in Graff’s Tribal collection, featuring custom-cut diamonds arranged in breathtaking three-dimensional forms, and an array of rings with contrasting diamond cuts enhancing the exhilarating sense of perspective.

Graff Tribal Collection multi-shape yellow and white diamond Sun+Moon Necklace, total diamonds 122.71 carats. Photo: Graff

To capture the fantastical beauty of this powerful collection, Graff tapped up-and-coming photographer Carlijn Jacobs and renowned models Grace Elizabeth, Aya Jones and Qun Ye for a bold reimagining of legendary women in ancient mythology. From the Goddess of the Waterfall to the Three Graces, the mythical beings are portrayed as omnipotent queens of unmatched beauty, fierce in their femininity. Standing atop a lava rock, dressed in billowing, bespoke gowns, or basking in the glory of Mother Sun as she sets over a lush, green paradise, Graff’s goddesses channel the very essence of Earth – creator of these esteemed gems – in all its unfathomable might.

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