How to care for summer hair

Summer hair can be a sun-kissed shiny affair or a gnarly knotted mess, depending on how well those tresses are taken care of. In the interest of maximising summer lovin’ with the most luscious locks trailing in wake, hairstylist-to-the-stars Ray Chan gives Zaneta Cheng the basics for how to get the best out of each precious strand

What should we do to get the best hair for summer?

“First, find a hairstylist who gets you! Haircuts that are popular this summer feature texture and movement. The sides are shorter while the back is longer. In terms of style, braids, waves and cornrows are all big this summer.”

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How to keep hair from being frizzy in the humidity?

“Washing your hair is super important! For those with long hair, you’ll need a deep-clean wash once a week to keep the scalp clean and dry. For those who want a sleeker texture, I’d suggest using a small amount of something like a quick-dry hair spray to smooth out naturally frizzy hair.”

What should we do to take care of our hair once it’s been out in the sun?

“Make sure to use a hair mask at least once a week, if not twice. Depending on your hair type, you might want to choose hair products that have UV protection.”

What should we do to get beachy waves if we don’t like going into the sea for the real deal?

“After you shampoo, spray sea salt texture spray on damp hair. Then braid your hair up and blow dry from there. You should get wavy curls once you let your hair out of the braid.”

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