Louis Vuitton: 6 artists put their spin on the Artycapuccines III collection

As a toast to Artycapucines III collection featuring artwork by six contemporary artists from around the world—Donna Huanca, Gregor Hildebrandt, Huang Yuxing, Paola Pivi, Vik Muniz, and Zeng Fanzhi—Louis Vuitton invites Kate Hudson, Katy Perry, and celebrities alike to an intimate dinner at the John Lautner Harpel House in Los Angeles

In an omakase-style dinner co-hosted by Miranda Kerr and Jamie Mizrahi on October 20th, Louis Vuitton celebrated the launch of Artycapucines III with a full house of A-listers from Kate Hudson to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. The guests were seen mingling, sipping on champagne, all while admiring the sensational Capucine bags on display.

Artycapucines III collection; Artists from left: Paola Pivi, Zeng Fangshi, Vik Muniz, Donna Huanca, Huang Yixing and Gregor Hildebrandt
Photo: Louis Vuitton

In the newest Artycapucines collection, six acclaimed global artists reimagine the iconic Capucines bag in their unique way—Donna Huanca’s nod to the investigation of the female body with an intricate play of blue and white brushstrokes; Gregor Hildebrandt’s trademark “rip-off” technique and an LV signature inlaid with vinyl records; Huang Yixing’s signature oval motif alongside fluorescent hues of a rainbow landscape; Paola Pivi’s complex leather marquetry in yet another surreal exploration of animals in the form of a leopard; Vik Muniz’s playful charms adorning resued Heritage leather; and Zeng Fangzhi’s reinterpretation of a classic Van Gogh self-portrait.

The distinctive designs that speak extraordinary artistry and stunning craftsmanship are limited to 200 pieces each.

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