#legend100: Top 10 Meta KOLs of 2022

2022 is the year of the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With so much attention and excitement surrounding this new form of digital art and the emergence of “metahumans”, we took the liberty to rank the top ten Meta KOLs in the APAC region this year


Photo: @ai_ailynn / Instagram

Thailand’s only virtual influencer, Ailynn, has captured the attention of young fans with her doll-like features. The 21-year-old made her official debut in a collaborative multiverse performance with GOT7’s Bam Bam and, as part of the Gen Z community, continues to make waves with her daring yet lovable character.


Photo: @ayayi.iiiii / Instagram

China’s first “metahuman” appeared on the scene in May 2021. Since then, the NFT artist, virtual influencer, digital creator and fashion brand manager has been the face of beauty brands such as MAC Cosmetics, L’Oréal Paris and Make Up For Ever, and recently collaborated with Tiffany & Co to promote the jewellery brand’s 2022 Knot Collection.

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Photo: @blawko22 / Instagram

Based in Los Angeles, Blawko identifies himself as a robot man who is famous for his distinctive tattoos along with his urban streetwear looks. Other than modelling for different brands, Blawko loves to produce memes to poke fun at public figures.


Photo: @guggimon / Instagram

With the creation of global entertainment brand, Superplastic, comes “fashion horror artist” Guggimon, who lives in Brooklyn with his best pal Janky. Although he has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and has had successful collaborations with Fornite, Gucci and more, Guggimon is known for having social media anxiety and has to self-medicate.

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Photo: @imma.gram / Instagram

With her signature bubble-gum-pink bob, Imma is a familiar face in the world of virtual influencers. Originating from Japan, Imma has been named one of the “New 100 Talents to Watch” by Japan Economics Entertainment. The CGI model is also Japan’s first virtual “It girl” and has made multiple appearances for brands such as Dior, Nike and Calvin Klein.


Photo: @janky / Instagram

Another member of the Superplastic virtual family (and Guggimon’s best friend/prank victim), Janky has amassed one million followers on Instagram by establishing himself as a streetwear icon who gets his unique fashion pieces from movie sets and celebrity homes.

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Photo: @livinthefuture / Instagram

With more than 158,000 followers on Instagram, Liv is a high school graduate who lives in the year 3000 due to accidentally falling through a time portal. Luckily her phone is still connected to the present, so we can all join in her wild journey.

Oh Rozy

Photo: @rozy.gram / Instagram

With a name that translates as “the one and only”, Oh Rozy represents South Korea as the country’s very first virtual influencer. Scandal-free and “forever young”, the 22-year-old has already released two singles, reaching 10 million views on TikTok with her album Who Am I. With this, Rozy is also the first Asian virtual influencer to debut as a singer.

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Photo: @here.is.rae / Instagram

Existing in a hybrid reality, Rae is popular not only in Singapore but also among wider Chinese audiences. The “digital artist with a point of view” uses Instagram to showcase her creativity while creating her own digital pet collection, Adventures of Tako, made up of 5,064 NFTs. Collaboratively, Rae has worked with Singaporean artist Sam Lo and the “Chinese Rihanna,” Rapper Vava.


Photo: @bodybyralph / Instagram

Obsessed with creating new gym crazes and posting fitness content, Ralph from Los Angeles runs his own gym and has built a dedicated following of more than 160,000 on Instagram by promoting the belief that anyone can look as good as him if they try hard enough.

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