10 fun facts about the #legend100 influencers of 2020

From left to right: Nat Kwan, Tim Fung, Jasmine Yen

Now that the #legend100 list of Hong Kong’s top influencers of 2020 is out, it’s time to get to know them a little more. Prior to the launch, we reached out to all 100 with a short survey to find out more about them, including how they first became influencers, their favourite books, karaoke songs, celebrity crushes, and more.

Browse their profiles in our all-new searchable directory to see snippets of their answers, and get to know 10 fun facts about the #legend100 of 2020 below:

10 fun facts about the #legend100 of 2020

  1. Let’s start with the basics: 73% are female, while 27% are male. Guys, it’s time to step up!

2. The three most common words the #legend100 used to describe themselves were ‘fun/funny’, ‘passionate’ and ‘positive’. 

3. Most of the #legend100 were born in the months of March and April. Something about being an Aries?

4. The #legend100 have a total combined follower count of over 15 million – that’s more than twice the size of Hong Kong’s population!

5. The #legend100 are a business-savvy bunch. Over 70% run their own businesses and startups in addition to being a social media influencer.

6. More than 90% of the #legend100 influencers were born and raised in Hong Kong – the rest are from countries such as France, Taiwan, Cameroon, Malaysia and Singapore

7. Twenty-five (25%) of them are models – no wonder they know how to pose.

8. Over half of the #legend100 told us that they value authenticity in their social media interactions. As for the other half…? 🤔

9. Their most popular celebrity crushes were Beyonce, Hyun Bin, Johnny Depp, Michael B Jordan, Rihanna and Ruby Rose – all of whom had multiple mentions.

10. More than 25% named their mothers as their all-time #legend (cue the awwws). In second place? Karl Lagerfeld.

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