KFC’s fried chicken bath bomb and fast food swag

You can now enjoy KFC's signature finger licking' scent while you have a bath

This has well and truly been the year for fast food marketing. Last week, we were obsessed with vegetarian burgers, this week we’re back to loving secret off-the-menu dishes. Even when it comes to fast food, we’re always looking for something more. In such an increasingly crowded and competitive market, brands such as KFC and McDonalds have had to constantly re-invent themselves to stay relevant. And you know what? We’re digging it.

Just yesterday, KFC Japan announced they’ll be giving away fried chicken-scented bath bombs in collaboration with novelty retailer, Village Vanguard, as part of a campaign running from now until November 15. They created an insane amount of buzz in Hong Kong last year with their KFC-flavoured nail polish, which came in ‘Original’ and ‘Spicy’, of course. 

KFC's fast-food fashion is on top of the game

It’s another collectible to add to our wishlist, which already includes the Colonel Sanders pillow case and this fried chicken jumper from KFC’s limited-edition line of apparel and home accessories (see more here).

A bit too obvious, no?

But they weren’t the first. Pizza Hut also launched a line of apparel back in 2015—we give them props for trying but they didn’t quite pull it off.

McDonalds’ “McDelivery Collection” of sweatshirts were a lot better (but also, the black one looks a lot like Nike). However, they certainly nailed it when one of the four 64-ounce bottles of their Szechuan Sauce, made in honour of Rick & Morty, recently sold on eBay for HK$120,000.

McDonalds has also had a go at apparel with their limited edition collection

We’re living in a world where Cheetos’ fine-dining restaurant pop-up sold out within a week. Times are changing and it’s taking more than just a bit of creativity for brands to win millennials over—don’t know about you but we can’t wait to see what’s next.  

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