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KFC, Your New Favourite Fashion Designer

Jul 14, 2017

Obviously the only way to style a fried chicken coloured sweater is with a tasteful choker.

With brands hawking luxury products such as Vetement’s $300 DHL t-shirt, Balenciaga’s $2,145 Ikea bag and Prada’s $185 paper clip, humour is alive and well within the fash-pack – to the point where it seems like an inside joke and we’re at the wrong end of it.*

Ironically wear a denim jacket backwards with a life-sized pin of a chicken burger and wait for the street style photographers to come swarming in.

Rather than waiting to be picked up and jazzed up by a luxury brand, KFC has beat them to the punch by dropping a line of fashion and home décor, including a $20,000 chicken burger-shaped meteorite.

Eating KFC doesn’t have to stop just because it’s bedtime; with the Colonel by your side every night, chicken fantasies can carry on into your finger lickin’ dreams

This isn’t the first time fashion has been inspired by fast food (Moschino showed a McDonald’s collection at their Autumn Winter 2014 show). As the authority of fried chicken, KFC's line includes, but is in no way limited to: clothing ripe with chicken references, framed prints of mashed potatoes, a necklace with their “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan in a delicate cursive font, and a pillow with the Colonel’s face printed so you’ll never feel alone in bed.

This paper weight is out of this world. (note: not for human consumption)

Many items are selling out fast, so if satirical garb is your thing, or if you are just extremely into the Vetements-mania, make sure you grab your fried chicken merch soon, as many items are already sold out. 

Because drumsticks are chicken legs.

Shop now at www.kfclimited.com/


*all prices in USD.

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