Boghossian: A story of jewellery and family

Maison Boghossian has opened the doors to a real treasure vault – its history spanning six generations

The Swiss high jeweller has unveiled all in Boghossian, a book that explores the family’s history, the talents behind the craft, and of course, their iconic and highly acclaimed jewellery.

The hardcover Boghossian book.

The tome is written by jewellery historian and author, Vivienne Becker, and published by luxury publishers Assouline. 

Boghossian traces the roots of one of the most prominent and celebrated family jewellers of modern times, which began at the centre of the Silk Road when Ovaness Boghossian founded the Maison in 1868.

Over a century, the family’s search for exceptional gemstones has seen them move from East to West. Along the way, they have honed their skills to become true masters of jewellery design and purveyors of the finest quality gemstones. Albert and Jean Boghossian settled in Europe in the 1970s after cultivating long-lasting relationships with the finest merchants all around the world.

Geneva, with its pool of highly specialised jewellery ateliers, proved to be a city open for experimental pieces. The Maison built a reputation for innovative, often audacious designs that showcased rare gemstones in a new light.

Boghossian creations have left quite an impression on jewellery lovers around the world.

Its modern story remains equally impressive. In 2008, the Maison opened its first flagship store on Geneva’s Rue du Rhone. This was followed by a London boutique on Old Bond Street in 2013. The international expansion of Boghossian continued with more retail spaces in London, New York, Hong Kong, Gstaad and Monaco. 

The family’s passion for long-lasting craftsmanship and design has created quite a legacy to delve into. 

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The Maison drew on its deep well of time-tested skills and paired them with new techniques. This has led to revolutionary creations such as the Art of Inlay, the Kissing technique and the patented Merveilles design. These signatures have imprinted the brand name in the consciousness and imagination of jewellery aficionados all around the world.   

Even now, the Maison continues to innovate. It is currently working with Hong Kong-based, Singaporean designer Edmond Chin, a visionary artist known for his avant-garde creations. Chin is now working alongside the Boghossian family to push both the artistic and technical boundaries of high jewellery designs. 

Timeless craftsmanship and designs mark the work of Maison Boghossian.

The contents of the book serve as a testament to how the Maison has managed to weave their impressive history throughout their collections and designs whilst gaining a reputation for innovation and exceptional craftsmanship.

The book comes with a foreword by Christie’s European Chairman François Curiel. It is a fitting commentary as Boghossian’s pieces have incredible and unrivalled success at auction. The Maison remains one of the only modern-day creative jewellery talents to consistently set and break records at auctions.

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Maison Boghossian holds the record for the highest ever price-per-carat for a Burmese ruby, the most expensive coloured diamond bracelet ever auctioned, and the most valuable no-oil emerald necklace.

What is certain to delight readers are never before seen insights into Boghossian creations that have since become some of the most important and memorable pieces of jewellery to be produced. Adding to their already dazzling history, some highlights include the 2015 “Crimson Flame” ring, the 2018 “Manuscript” bracelet and the 2020 Emerald and Diamond Double Riviere. 

Packed with detailed imagery and illustrations throughout, Boghossian is one of the most anticipated jewellery books and the ultimate collectable book for jewellery aficionados. The cover, much like the Maison’s designs, is also luxurious, memorable and collectable.

Truly, the book serves as a wonderful bookmark on a long and ongoing journey that defines high jewellery.

Boghossian is now available for purchase through Assouline.

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