#review: Views and feeling renewed at Grand Hyatt Jeju

Peaceful, superb, captivating, and a dynamic island of nature – that’s Jeju. With a mission to find the best sunset view in South Korea, Ha Rin Choi heads to Grand Hyatt Jeju for a luxurious stay

The suite at Grand Hyatt Jeju.

Jeju island welcomed me with a brilliant blue ocean and the pleasant smell of the sea. After landing, the taxi driver led me straight to the Grand Hyatt Jeju, situated right by the ocean. Upon entering, it was clear the lobby is decorated to reflect the autumn season with pink muhly everywhere.

After opening the door to my room, I was immediately greeted with a view of Jeju. The windows were wide enough to fill the suite with Jeju’s beauty. The mix of moody ivory, mustard yellow, brown, and white grey gave the suite a comforting mood.

The outdoor pool at Grand Hyatt Jeju.

After settling in, I took myself to the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool. The semi-infinity pool located on the eighth floor made me regret not bringing a swimsuit. Thus, I went downstairs to get one for myself right away.

With three pools – infinity, kids and hot tub/jaccuzzi – available to guests, the area is surrounded by glass railing panels where guests can enjoy the Jeju island view from different angles. The astonishing vistas are not limited to the day, but also at sunrise and sunset. Swimming at the golden hour of 5 pm also allowed me to observe the magical sky with a purple spectrum.

The outdoor pool is the perfect place for families. The indoor pool on the sixth floor is another option for those who want to avoid the public.

The outdoor pool at Grand Hyatt Jeju.

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Food is an essential part of any trip. Grand Hyatt Jeju was a food haven where guests can enjoy cuisines from around the world, from Korean barbeque and Japanese izakaya fare to Italian food, Hong Kong cuisine and baked goods. The very first meal I tried was at Steakhouse, where I could enjoy the Sky Brunch between 11 am to 3 pm. Overlooking the stunning Jeju sea and Mount Halla, guests can enjoy signature grilled dishes like hanwoo (Korean beef), Jeju black tomahawk steak, and a fresh seafood tower, all served by World-class executive chef Burton Yi.

I went with the potato leek soup, eggs benedict, and Boston lobster roll to enjoy the best bits of brunch. All foods were served just right. Every single dish was given a special touch by the chef, such as including caviar and homemade hollandaise sauce.

The Steakhouse at Grand Hyatt Jeju.

The hanwoo and Jeju black pork are must-try foods during the Jeju trip. Among all the restaurants I’ve been to, I can confidently say the one in Grand Hyatt Jeju has the most authentic flavours. Noknamu, Korean for camphor tree, brings the finest cuts of Jeju black port and Korean hanwoo beef grilled to perfection at the table. Local Jeju Hallasan soju and makgeolli (Korean rice wine) complete the ultimate Korean dining experience. Signature favourites like bibimbap, doenjang jjigae, and sea urchin seaweed soup are available for breakfast and lunch.

Diners can enjoy a Korean dining experience with an authentic interior.

To complete my Jeju trip with the food bomb, I chose to treat myself to Jeju black pork and hanwoo beef. Beef tartare and doenjang jjigae (Korean bean paste soup) could not be missed. Harmonised with the atmosphere of the diner, the entire meal was filled with a Jeju vibe and true Korean flavours.

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There remained more to explore at Grand Hyatt Jeju. Korean Jimjiil Spa, named after Jjimjilbang (a Korean bathhouse with hot tubs, heated rooms and Jeju lava-stone floors or “ondol”), is a spot to drop by before ending the trip. Offering guests a truly authentic and modern Korean bathhouse experience, it provides four speciality therapeutic rooms of red clay, cypress, salt and ice room.

Korean Jimjiil Spa.

Overall, the stay at Grand Hyatt Jeju was more than enough to feel satisfied with a trip to Jeju island.

Photos by Grand Hyatt Jeju

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