When Blackpink’s Jennie sets trends, the world follows

With over 60 million followers on Instagram, Jennie from super girl group Blackpink is a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to raising social and health awareness, her reach extends to the furthest corners of pop culture consumers, especially those of K-pop fandom. Ha Rin Choi explores growing trends set by this South-Korean superstar whose influence in music, fashion and advocacy of health elevates her beyond her own stardom into mega-influencer territory

Jennie of Blackpink in Chanel’s Coco Crush 2022 campaign. Photo: Chanel

All celebrities have the ability to influence fans, but the range of influences varies from star to star. We might all agree however that K-pop’s third-generation phenomenon Blackpink packs a heavy punch wherever they go. Though all four stars each have their own dedicated following, Jennie – who is turning 26 this year on January 16 (a birthday she shares with another style icon, Kate Moss) – has mesmerised fans with her artistic propensities while also promoting physical and mental health by sharing her own diet routines.

Here we explore some of her trendsetting habits that made her evermore beloved among her fans.

Mental and physical health first

The word “diet” may conjure the image of a harsh food regime that entails the most uninspiring and tasteless meals with no end – or results – in sight. However, when Jennie opened up about her own diet routine, fans flocked to her for inspiration.

During her interview with Star News in 2017, Jennie revealed that she doesn’t go through extra workout exercises. Reason being that YG Entertainment’s practices are enough to keep her in shape. However, she enjoyed taking up flying yoga and pilates as part of her routine. She also posted a photo of her posing while suspended saying, “For a peaceful mind and a healthy me,” on Instagram on Valentine’s day in 2017. Alluding that self-care is equal to self-love.

Jennie is a proponent of a low salt diet. This is in stark contrast to other K-pop idols who would choose a strict regime of eating only a few eggs or sweet potatoes a day. Since the revelation of her dietary strategy, this has had a profound impact on K-pop idols and fans alike and the way they view the concept of a healthy diet. Singer IU is one who came out with her own “IU Diet” plan.

Return of the vintage

Jennie is known for her love of vintage goods. She earned her name “Human Chanel” as she is frequently seen wearing this particular fashion brand. This isn’t surprising as she is an ambassador of Chanel since 2018. However, her love for a good vintage Chanel find is what sets her apart from most of her contemporaries. This “vintage Chanel syndrome” would soon become an undeniable trait of Jennie’s personal fashion style.

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She first connected with this fashion house in 2018 when she appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Korea with Chanel’s makeup collection. This is the same year she became its official ambassador.

Fans also started the “Opening Mom’s Closet” trend after spotting Jennie wearing her mother’s old Chanel t-shirt at the 2018 Paris Fashion Week. Another trend emerged that was dubbed “Jennie’s Jewellery” where fans would upcycle buttons from vintage Chanel clothes into earrings and necklaces.

Capturing precious moments 

If you’re a fan of Jennie – or just Blackpink in general – I guess you already know of Jennie’s love of film cameras. Her artistic taste is as popular as her fashion taste, and she even has a second blue tick-less Instagram account dedicated to her photography, captioned and translated from Korean: “A story eye-witnessed”.

It is reportedly known that Jennie uses the Contax T3 to capture her precious moments. Now fans even named the camera model the “Jennie camera”. Just as she brought life to vintage fashion, she reignited interest in film cameras to her audiences. Her photography Instagram account shows that she mostly captured moments with fellow Blackpink members, her pets, various trips, and beautiful landscapes. 

Loving animals – just as her childhood dream 

Jennie is a big animal lover to the point she once dreamed of becoming a zookeeper. In many of her TV appearances, she revealed how much she loves animals. And how important it is to care for and protect animals which she sees as equal to protecting society in general. She specifically mentioned pandas she most wanted to care for in an episode of Knowing Bros in 2020. 

It was also revealed that Jennie has made regular donations to an abandoned dog adoption campaign, Protect Our Family, since 2017. Fans’ awareness of abandoned animals surged as a result. This is one of the best examples of how one influencer and their reach can positively impact society.

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