#obsessed: Top picks from Valentino, Canada Goose and more

This month, we’re #obsessed with the top collections from Clé de Peau, Valentino, Canada Goose, Cloudy Bay, Clarins and Fulllup

Clé de Peau – rare beauty

Photo: Clé de Peau

To celebrate four decades of unlocking the infinite beauty potential and inner glow of every woman, Clé de Peau Beauté has joined forces with jewellery designer Elie Top to create a limited-edition 40th Anniversary Premium Collection inspired by the infinite radiance of the sun and moon. Soleil Joaillier and Lune Joaillier, two masterpieces preciously crafted in gold and silver and adorned with diamonds, encapsulate the iconic La Crème and Lipstick, respectively. Also included is the 40-diamond-studded Pendentif Soleil, which can be worn as an exquisite piece of jewellery.

Valentino – pretty in pink

Photo: Valentino

First conceived for Valentino’s Pink PP autumn/winter 2022-23 collection, the iconic Pink PP hue is being released in a selection of limited-edition objects created by Copenhagen Design ApS. The 11 items, ranging from to-go mugs and keychains to notebooks, jars and even a logoed umbrella, echo the design of the iconic Pantone chip in a nod to Valentino being the first European luxury brand to partner with the global authority for colour communication. In addition to global pop-ups, the Pink PP shade will be featured in a special AR experience on Valentino’s Instagram account.

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Canada Goose – birds of feather

Photo: Canada Goose

In the latest must-have collaboration, Canada Goose has teamed up with designer Feng Chen Wang and contemporary artist Xu Zhen on a 12-piece lifestyle collection featuring jackets, knitwear and accessories, as well as a skirt, pants and footwear. The partnership fuses Feng Chen Wang’s future-modern aesthetic and penchant for multidimensional design with Xu Zhen’s ‘Under Heaven’ conceptual art series, which has been digitally printed across a selection of the collaboration. The collection comes in a variety of colourways, including warm neutrals, bright pink and yellow.

Cloudy Bay – raise a glass

Photo: Cloudy Bay

It’s safe to say Cloudy Bay put New Zealand on the wine map 37 years ago with its distinctive Sauvignon Blanc and evocative name. This year, the famed winery is adopting a new, upgraded and more luxurious sustainable bottle design. The French green-coloured glass is made in New Zealand to reduce the carbon footprint and has a minimum of 60 per cent recycled content. The newly released 2022 vintage, meanwhile, has a zesty and vibrant nose, with notes of juicy citrus and makrut lime underpinned by subtle white nectarine and passionfruit notes. We’ll drink to that!

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Clarins – hello precious

Photo: Clarins

Encompassing exceptionally fine cream, a light and refreshing serum, and an innovative massage tool, the new Clarins Precious Series unleashes the natural restorative potency of the rare Moonlight flower from France. The one-of-a-kind treasure, which only blooms one night a year, draws its beauty from the soil in Brittany under the constant attention of botanists who watch over it, sometimes for nights on end, until its petals unfold majestically. Clarins’ scientists then extract the flower’s precious essence and its incredible capacity to stimulate skin longevity.

Fullup – good first step

Photo: Fullup

Fashion may be fun but on the flip side it accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions, not to mention its contributions to water scarcity, pollution and environmental degradation. Fullup – a new eco-conscious sneaker brand committed to crafting minimalist shoes using cleaner, healthier, less wasteful production practices – wants to do things differently. Its first collection, Infinity, puts a contemporary spin on the classic white sneaker with a relaxed silhouette, recycled polyester (rPET) knit upper and an ultra-durable sole that’s made to last.

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