5 things you didn’t know about Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy is an influential K-pop star with over 14 million followers on Instagram and is well-known among K-pop fans for her signature smile. As she turns 26 on September 2, we reveal 5 things about this charming idol that you may not know

Photo: @_imyour_joy | Instagram

Debuting as a member of Red Velvet in 2014, Joy, whose birth name is Park Sooyoung, gained immense popularity with her music releases and drama roles. Dubbed one of K-pop’s brightest stars by K-pop fans, she undoubtedly has many glorious moments on camera. On her big day, we look at a few things you may not know about her private life.

She doesn’t smile much

Photo: @_imyour_joy | Instagram

Although known for her bright smile, Joy admits she doesn’t smile much in her private life. During an appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Bros, she shared she was a very calm person pre-debut and didn’t usually smile in front of others. Because of that, she was even called a snob.

However, once signing on with SM Entertainment, she started practising her smile. As an influencer, it is essential to have a pleasing smile, and she has put a lot of effort into learning to greet others with a genuine smile. Her stage name Joy came from one of her vocal trainers as a reminder to smile more and to bring happiness to others.

She is from Jeju Island

Joy at her hometown Jeju island. Photo: @_imyour_joy | Instagram

Known for tangerines and beautiful scenery, Jeju Island is a must-visit destination in South Korea. It’s also where Joy was born. Though she still proudly calls Jeju Island her hometown, she does not remember much about the place as she left at a very young age and grew up in Seoul.

Paying homage to her birthplace, Joy’s first single, “Hello’s” music video was filmed on Jeju Island. During her interview with CNN, she shared she hoped to convey bright energy through the music video with wondrous sceneries and a down-to-earth storyline.

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She has many celebrity friends

Hayoung from Apink, Joy from Red Velvet, and Yerin from GFriend. Photo: @ohhayoung_ | Instagram

Together with Apink’s Hayoung and former Gfriend’s Yerin, Joy formed a friend trio called 96-liners, as they were all born in 1996. The three attended the same high school, Seoul School of Performing Arts, and have remained close friends ever since.

In private, the trio hangs out constantly; Joy once treated the other two to hotpot after losing a karaoke battle to them.

The girlfriends are often seen together in each other’s vlogs, and they even shared the stage for a performance of Girl’s Generation’s “Mr. Mr.” on KBS’ Song Festival in 2019.

She loves Korean trot music

Photo: @_imyour_joy | Instagram

While trot is a traditional Korean popular music genre that first arrived on the music scene over a century ago, Joy loves it as a new generation idol. She enjoyed listening trot music and became attached to it as a child, and she eventually brought that passion on stage when she became an idol.

Joy has covered trot songs on various programs from time to time; her cover of Shim Soo-bong’s “I Only Know Love” was legendary and went viral.

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She is obsessed with mint chocolate ice cream

Photo: @_imyour_joy | Instagram

Mint chocolate and Hawaiian pizza (with hot pineapples on top!) are considered strange foods in South Korea. Many people hate mint chocolate-flavoured foods, but Joy is an exception. In particular, she is extremely fond of mint chocolate ice cream.

Because of Joy’s preference, Red Velvet members debated their ice cream preferences. Wendy argued the controversial flavour is too refreshing and tastes like toothpaste, while Joy defended her love of the frozen treat.

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