Sappy Love Stories: Veronica Li on meeting ‘The One’

Photo: Veronica Li

In our latest edition of Sappy Love Stories, we check in with fashion stylist and #legend100 influencer, Veronica Li, to find out more about her real-life love story. Read on to find out how she met her husband, Lucas, the movie that best represents their relationship, and how they’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day:

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How did you first meet?

We met through a mutual friend, but Lucas first noticed me from my profile photo on my friend’s MSN messenger account. He then asked to hang out with our mutual friend only if she brought “the girl in the profile photo.” That was the first time we met!

How long have you known each other?

Fourteen years! 10 years of dating and four years of married life.

How did you know he was ‘The One’?

When I realised that Lucas brought the best out of me and I wanted to be the best version of myself for him too. He’s always been motivating, supportive, and encouraging. I knew I wanted to grow old together and build our future together because he’s always been by my side during my ups and downs.

Photo: Veronica Li

What do you love most about one another?

We spend time listening to each other and actually putting the effort in to problem-solve instead of just leaving it aside. This is what makes us closer every second. It’s always we, us, and together.

What’s the sweetest thing you guys have done for each other?

I wake up every morning to make breakfast for him, and he helps me unwind before bedtime for a peaceful sleep.

What are your pet names for each other?

B, BB, Bao Bur… that’s a lot of b’s!

Photo: Veronica Li

Who is the sappier one in the relationship?

Lucas: Veronica is sappier – she is a drama queen, which makes this relationship so spicy!

Who said ‘I love you’ first?

Lucas did! I still remember the way he whispered it into my ear.

Who apologises first?

Veronica: I usually do!

If your relationship was a movie, what would it be?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – where we might not act our age but we still love each other very much at different stages. This movie really shows their love without limits.

Photo: Veronica Li

Are you guys into Valentine’s Day?

Not really, because we always say that every day is Valentine’s Day for us. I know it’s really cheesy but we just love to celebrate each day of being together.

How will you be celebrating this year?

This year’s Valentine’s Day is a bit different since it overlaps with Chinese New Year. We thought it’d be nice to start early by celebrating with our families over CNY, and then going to a secret teppanyaki place on Valentine’s Day because we really miss Japan. At night, I am planning my own chef’s table for Lucas to experience!

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