Sappy Love Stories: Ellie aka @furellie gets engaged!

Ellie Furuya Engagement 6
Photo: Billy Chan / Courtesy of Ellie Furuya

ICYMI, one of our #legend100 squad members, Ellie Furuya (@furellie), just got engaged! And in honour of this fantastic news, we’re introducing a brand new series called Sappy Love Stories, where we’ll be getting all the juicy, sweet and sugar-coated details on all our favourite couples in the lead up to V-day. Whether they make you swoon or cringe, one thing’s for sure – the sappier the story, the better.

First up is Ellie’s storybook engagement with her fiancé Jonathan that took place this past week:

Ellie Furuya Engagement 7
Photo: Billy Chan / Courtesy of Ellie Furuya

How long have you known each other?

We’ve known each other for just over three years now. It’s not been long, but it feels like I’ve known him forever. Also, I’m going to say being under lockdown together over the past year counts as a lot longer.

How did you meet?

At Ozu after my office Christmas party a few years ago. My ex-colleague at Fox was a mutual friend, and he introduced me to Jonathan who also happened to be there with friends. On my way out, he asked for my number and told me to “stay in touch”.

Ellie Furuya Engagement 10
Photo: Billy Chan / Courtesy of Ellie Furuya

How did you know he was the one?

I think it was when I realised Jonathan loves to eat as much as I do and isn’t a picky eater. From cheap and cheerful hawker food to Michelin-starred fine dining, he’s down for all of it. He’s also the only guy outside my family that my dog Steven has warmed up to and loves to the point he almost pees himself with excitement whenever he sees Jonathan – and that obviously makes my heart melt!

How did he propose?

It was a series of surprises, starting with a mysterious bouquet of roses on the dining table with written instructions, a chauffeured car ride that took me to The Landmark, dressing me in head-to-toe BV, then leading me to the old Mandarin where we had our first date. I opened the door to a gorgeous indoor rose garden by Pollen and Jonathan was there in the middle of it all. And he even hired a photographer to document everything.

Ellie Furuya Engagement 11
Photo: Billy Chan / Courtesy of Ellie Furuya

Was he nervous?

He insists he wasn’t, but I could tell he was.

Did you have any idea?

I had zero clue it was going to be that day, but as soon as I saw the roses, I knew something big was up.

Tell us about the ring!

It’s a colourless cushion cut (square with soft edges) with a single halo and white gold band from The 5th C. Timeless and elegant.

Ellie Furuya Engagement 12
Photo: Billy Chan / Courtesy of Ellie Furuya

When’s the wedding?

TBD! It’ll be hard to set a date with all these travel restrictions, but our hope is that it’ll happen by end of this year or January 2022 somewhere warm.

Have you already started planning?

Kind of! With both our families and most of our friends outside of Hong Kong, it’s a bit tough coordinating everything.

Ellie Furuya Engagement 5
Photo: Billy Chan / Courtesy of Ellie Furuya

What kind of wedding do you have in mind?

Intimate, sophisticated, and unique. I definitely would prefer a small to medium-sized wedding, somewhere tropical with white sand beaches so people flying in can make a holiday out of it. Thailand tops the list!

What do you love most about Jonathan?

He makes me laugh a lot a lot! And we can be total weirdos together at home.

Ellie Furuya Engagement 3
Photo: Billy Chan / Courtesy of Ellie Furuya

What does he love most about you?

He says he loves how I laugh at his jokes even though they’re not even that funny.

Are you guys into Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day also lands on our anniversary! So every year we try to make it big. Last year we celebrated in Rome and Milan, and we left literally moments before Italy went into lockdown.

Ellie Furuya Engagement 4
Photo: Billy Chan / Courtesy of Ellie Furuya

How will you be celebrating?

This year, we’ve booked lunch at Sushi Saito to celebrate.

Finally, what is your couple name/hashtag?


Congratulations and all the best to #Jellie! Follow Ellie Furuya on Instagram @furellie and visit her #legend100 profile page

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