#LegendSquad ft. Rolls-Royce Hong Kong

The women of the moment, the styles to covet and the car of the future.

Amanda Strang (@amandastrang)

Anthea Chow (@agentanthea)

Anna Ng (@annalystics)

Carmina Lo (@carminola)

Aiko Narissara Yeung (@aikonari.art)

Ellie Furuya (@furellie)

Maggie Stadelmann (@maggie_stadelmann)

Susana Tsang (@gogreengolean)

Nat Kwan (@nkwan713)

Tasha Lyia (@tashalyia

Tasha Lam (@itsjustasha)

Photography / Paul S
Creative Direction & Styling / Gordon Lam
Video & equipment / Mad Minds Entertainment
Styling Assistant / Jenya Rushay
Hair / Danielle Weldon, Nicky Ringwood,
Anson Ho, Tracey Au Yeung and Keith Wilson
from Glow Hong Kong
Make-Up / Jaime Smith and Sapphire Shen
Photography Assistants / Melanie Kim and Lai Wing-sze
Location / Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Hong Kong 

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