Landmark Hong Kong’s new loyalty programme: BESPOKE

Pearl Lounge

BESPOKE is a regional loyalty programme introduced by LANDMARK in Hong Kong, One Central in Macau and WF Central in Beijing. This exclusive programme opens up a whole world of possibilities for frequent shoppers, such as the highly anticipated BESPOKE salon that was recently opened for members. Located right in the heart of Central, the salon offers a haven for those who are looking to get away from the bustling streets of Central and enjoy some peace and solace; you can even enjoy canapés prepared by Michelin-starred chef Vicky Lau while you’re there.

The BESPOKE salon includes an in-house bar with a highly trained mixologist and VIP rooms if you’re looking for some extra privacy. There is also a VIP dining room that can fit up to 12 guests and cater to all tastes, providing a beautiful culinary experience by world-renowned chefs. Designed by the renowned PTang Studio, which has managed to create a perfect blend of glamour and sophistication, the salon is peppered with gold features throughout, and accompanied by rich marble, bronze and handcrafted leather panels.

PTang has successfully created a warm and comfortable atmosphere, with the leather accents allowing members to feel right at home. The Emerald, Sapphire & Sapphire Plus lounge also has a centrepiece consisting of gold-leaf artwork created by the French artist Elsa Jean de Dieu, further adding to the ambience of the somptuos space.

The VIP dining room

In addition, Vivienne Tam and R.Sanderson have collaborated to design the salon staff’s attire. Vivienne Tam has used a selection of crêpe and silk on the uniforms, while famed British shoe designer R.Sanderson has provided the staff with its signature hand-gilded 24K gold leaf heels and gem buckles.

Under this regional programme as a BESPOKE member, you can also enjoy the benefits at WF Central in Beijing and One Central in Macau. Members can also enjoy special rates at the Mandarin Oriental hotels in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau.

All of these elements combine to cater to a BESPOKE member’s every desire. Whether it is to relax or to have a good time sipping cocktails made by one of the best bartenders in town, BESPOKE has you covered.

To learn more about the BESPOKE programme, make sure you download the LANDMARK HONGKONG app and sign up for the membership so you can begin to enjoy your rewards today. It starts as soon as you spend your first dollar there; one dollar equates to one point. Those who register on the app before November 30 can enjoy a welcome gift certificate of HK$50.

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