#legend100does: Hot happenings in January 2023

We’ve asked our community for the hottest events they’ve marked down in their diaries this month. Be it art, food or entertainment, our plugged-in friends know what’s most happening

Angela Chan @angelamiuz

Photo via @angelamiuz | Instagram

The Peak Tram is one of Hong Kong’s most iconic landmarks and now that the sixth generation has launched, I finally took the time to make a trip to The Peak in the new tram car. It was amazing with its skylight ceilings and wider windows for better views! As for restaurants, I’ve really been loving Ho Lan Jeng on Wyndham Street lately. Decked out in snazzy neon lights, it has a vibe and food and drinks offerings that are just absolutely on point. I love the slow-cooked Iberico char siu and vast selection of local brews!”


Myra Yi @myra.yi

Photo via @myra.yi | Instagram

“I’m looking forward to going on a retro and romantic trip. Even though I’m still working on the schedule, I‘m planning a music getaway to a Sunset Rollercoaster concert. I’ve always found music to be so powerful as it takes us away from this dimension and gives our mind a gentle rest. Sunset Rollercoaster – a five-person jazz-influenced synth-pop band from Taiwan – is well known for their retro, psychedelic music style, and I just can’t wait to pour some blue-eyed soul and soft-rock spirit into myself !”


Jessica Wong @jessicawong_wt

Photo via @jessicawong_wt | Instagram

“I’m writing this from Tokyo – how exciting it is that we can travel again and enjoy the festive atmosphere all over the world! There’s a lot happening in Hong Kong as well. I have a collaboration with luxury secondhand store Hula coming up soon. We partnered to put together some festive outfits and gift guides that are good for the environment and obviously still nice and personal. I also got to enjoy the Christmas tea set at the Peninsula Boutique & Café last month, which was so delightful with a festive twist. Their afternoon teas are perfect for a holiday (or just everyday) girls’ hangout. I’m also looking forward to all the New Year festivities! Zuma is one of my all-time favourites for celebrating the holidays – they always bring the best vibes!”

@joinhula @thepeninsulaboutique @zumahk

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Sapphire Shen @shensapphire

“My recent favourite go-to spot is the Ponty Café – a new all-day cafe and bar located on Old Bailey Street. Their Bloody Mary and Bloody Maria are the best brunch drink and hangover cure ever, which is perfect for the party season! And approved by this Bloody Mary addict. Last but not least, their buttermilk biscuit with sage pork sausage and white gravy – with a secret ingredient – is a must-try!”


Merry Lamb Lamb @merrylamblamb

Photo via @merrylamblamb | Instagram

“My go-to spots are definitely around where I live, which is the Sham Shui Po area. I love it because it has different cultures and food all wrapped into one, which resembles where I grew up in Toronto. My favourite restaurant is Homey Dumpling, which I found while passing by to grab a coffee. It offers very homey mum-made dumplings with no MSG and also a traditional Japanese cheesecake made by the owner’s Japanese wife. It might sound like an odd combination but once you’ve tried it, you’ll instantly fall in love with it like I did.

After lunch there, I’ll usually grab a coffee at Sausalito on Tai Nan Street. If I’m feeling chilly, my go-to order is their oat milk latte. I love to just sit there and chat with the staff and draw ideas for the songs I’ve been working on. It’s so hard to find a comfy spot these days, especially on weekends, so Sausalito is definitely a hidden gem for me when I’m looking for some solitude.

With the border loosening up, I would love to travel more, especially to Europe, to explore my sound. Moreover, I’ve been working on some more new tracks. I’m aiming to put up a dance EP this coming year. It’s going to be great!”

@homey_dumpling @cafesausalit

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