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We all have that one person on our list who is impossible to choose a gift for. Maybe they’re really picky. Maybe they already own everything in the known universe. Tama Lung plays St Nick and helps our #legend100 solve their trickiest gift-giving dilemmas with a curated selection of presents that are sure to please

Angie Ng @angiengcl

“I think my husband is probably the hardest to buy a present for. We have a long-standing competition for who is the better gift giver. I think it’s me but he begs to differ. So every year we try to beat each other but every year we disagree on which one of us is the winner!”

Bruce Tong @bruce_tong

“I would say my sister’s boyfriend is the most difficult because I don’t really know his taste and at the same time, I find it awkward to gift him something too personal like a wallet, phone case or stuff like that – I should leave those for my sister to buy him!”

Chris Tong @christongg

“I always find it difficult to choose a gift for women, especially my mom, because she has such unique taste. Also, she seems to have everything already!”

Fish Liew @fish331

“A partner – the longer you’ve been with someone, the harder it is to find gifts for them. You’ll be thinking so hard your headaches. My life is quite ceremonial in the sense that I love giving and receiving gifts. So even if I’ve been with someone for a long time, I will still put in the effort to think and pick out a gift for my partner just to make
them happy.”

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Iris Yang @prettyinpalm

“It’s hardest to shop for friends who are minimalists! Will they see your gift as a kind gesture or clutter?”

Jessica Wong @jessicawong_wt

“The hardest person to get a gift for is definitely my best friend because he has everything and is also the pickiest person on earth! It’s really hard to nail down something without having to ask him if he already has it or will like it.”

Jessie Li @jessieli

My uncle and my cousin are the most difficult. My uncle is in politics and has a very unique taste in things, so I struggle to find presents to surprise him. As for my cousin, it’s also difficult to think of what present to buy for her because she has everything in life already.”

Louise Pang @thelouisepang

It’s impossible to buy gifts for friends who love overthinking. Literally any gift can possibly offend them! You get them the newest pore-minimising serum and they would go, ‘Are my pores that big?” Or you get them a fluffy housecoat and they would go, ‘Are you suggesting I have nowhere to go but home all Christmas?’ Holiday shopping is tough enough so please spare me!”

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Tasha Lam @itsjustasha

“I’d say the fashion It-girl friends who already have the hottest, latest items are the most difficult because they know more than I do! They either already have it or see it before I do!”

Wilfred Wong @thatwildfred

“If there’s anyone I find difficult to buy Christmas gifts for, it would probably be myself since there are too many occasions for indulging ourselves throughout the year, and we long for unboxing the most wanted gift from our beloved!”

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