Fila: Italian sports fashion brand makes move towards sustainability

Hong Kong karate Athlete, Grace Lau, among the first to wear Fila’s new sustainable collection that vows to “Give Earth a Chance

Italian sports fashion brand Fila presents an all-new collection that is both inspired by nature and good for it. In its latest move towards sustainability and environmental protection, the brand unveils an eco-friendly series using repurposed and re-engineered materials in a move to alleviate fashion’s impact on Mother Nature. 

Photo: Fila

The activewear collection draws design details from nature, tapping into an earthy green, brown and grey palette. Led by the concept of Give Earth a Chance, the iconic gilding arrow symbol for recycling is incorporated into the Fila Originale logo. 

True to the Go Green, Live Green mantra, the material used to create this collection of lightweight sportswear echo the same eco-conscious sentiment as the design. The 100 per cent regenerated nylon used to create the collection is made from recycled yarn that’s been sterilised and reassembled. Soft to the touch and textured with slight wrinkles, it’s the perfect, low-maintenance material that compliments the carefree, active outdoor lifestyle. 

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Hong Kong karate athlete, Grace Lau, is among the first to step out in this new collection. The breathable and lightweight designs from the new Fila range are perfect for Lau’s active lifestyle. A nature lover, Lau embraces the preservation of the environment and loves Fila’s latest collection for its style and sustainability commitment to reducing pollutants and carbon emissions.

Photo: Fila

A coat made in soft tones of freshwater green and space grey made of recycled yarn is among one of Lau’s favourite creations in the collection. 

This collection marks just the beginning of Fila’s commitment to sustainable fashion. The brand vows to continue its pledge to Give Earth a Chance by reducing waste and emissions and furthering its efforts toward creating a sustainable future for the fashion industry.

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