#legendeats: Omakase 101 dining guide, basic to best meals in Hong Kong

From new openings to the town’s all-time favourites, see here the #legend omakase list of meals to put your teeth in


Bringing his 30 years of Japanese culinary experience to Hong Kong, executive sushi chef, Yukio Kimijima, invites you to a traditional approach of omakase and his exclusive 10-seater sushi den. The menu at Umi (meaning “ocean” in Japanese) focuses on seafood. Selecting the finest ingredients, the chef and his team creatively decide the most appropriate preparation and cooking method to showcase the scarce fruits of the sea.

The highlight of sushi omakase is the quality of the nigiri (the slice of seafood – often raw fish – on top of a sweet roll of rice with a slight touch of vinegar). At Umi, the secret lies in the exceptional quality of its fish varieties. Each visit is different from the last, with a focus on the prime season of the fish.

Where: 159 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

Price: short lunch menu at HK$988/person; long lunch menu at HK$1,488/person; and dinner at HK$2,088/person


Bringing a cosy and quintessential dining experience, Japanese restaurant, Kushiro, uses the freshest ingredients from Japanese fish markets. All components are transported to Hong Kong on the same day to keep every bite pleasant and fresh. Also, the culinary team carefully handpick the seafood every morning to ensure dishes are up to the highest standard and capture the soul of the delicacy.

Composed of Japanese chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants, Kushiro enjoys finding new ways to contribute to different depths and dimensions. The lunch menu starts from HK$880 with appetisers, sushi, maki, soup, and dessert, while the dinner menu delivers a variety of entrées – the main course – which starts from HK$1,980.

Where: B1/F, The Peninsula Hotel, Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

Price: Lunch menus are priced per person at HK$880/HK$1,280/HK$1,680; dinner menus at HK$1,980/HK$2,480/HK$2,780.

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The Araki

Helmed by the only Japanese chef to ever receive three Michelin stars in Tokyo and London, Mitsuhiro Araki, The Araki offers a one-of-a-kind intimate dining experience you’ve never seen before. Chef Araki personally serves guests his world-renowned sushi style, which follows Edomae sushi’s origins, calling for the use of fresh, locally-caught seafood.

Located in the vibrant shopping hub of Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, all diners will experience a new perspective on Japan’s most revered culinary tradition. This iconic Japanese restaurant can serve 12 diners only per session.

Where: G/F, Stable Block, FWD House 1881, 2A Canton Road, Hong Kong

Price: HK$4,000 per person


Those allergic to seafood or prefer meat can also enjoy omakase with Kicho. This unique and authentic dining ritual from Japan invites diners on a tasting journey of free-range Kuro Satsuma chicken from Kagoshima.

Helmed by executive chef Chikashi Yoshida, the culinary team at Kicho hails from Japan. Reimagining tori, the Japanese word for chicken, and kappo (literally to cut and to cook), they skilfully prepare the lean, firm and supremely tender Kuro Satsuma chicken for a tempting array of delicacies. This particular meat is exclusively supplied to Hong Kong at Kicho. Diners can explore soups, appetisers, creative yakitori skewers, vegetable dishes, rice or noodles, and dessert.

Where: Manning House, Queen’s Road Central, Central

Price: HK$1,000 per person

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Sushi Yonjugo

Sushi Yonjugo, an 8-seater omakase restaurant, creates an excellent dining experience behind the hand-carved wooden door. From the piers of Japan to the restaurant’s kitchen, the ingredients are delivered daily within 12 hours to ensure that guests will only savour the freshest cuts. Diners can also experience Kinki fish, a rare rockfish from Hokkaido.

In addition to this fine culinary experience, Sushi Yonjugo introduces its Umeshu library with an allotted spot for guests to place their personalised jar of Umeshu.

Where: G/F, 35B Staunton Street, Central

Price: Lunch is priced at HK$1,580/person; dinner at HK$2,280/person; and dinner with sake pairing at HK$2,880/person


With a farm-to-table concept, premium Japanese wagyu restaurant, Ushidoki, offers premium wagyu omakase. Wagyu Kaiseki Omakase is a perfect option for omakase lovers who want to explore this realm beyond the traditional seafood offerings. This exceptional culinary experience is curated by seasoned chefs Yoshiyuki Kikuchi, renowned for his artistic and authentic interpretation of Japan’s kaiseki dining culture, and Michinori Hasegawa, a veteran in leading Japanese kitchens.

The highlights includes Beef Tartar, Sukiyaki, a Sirloin cutlet sandwich, and grilled Sirloin with seasonal vegetables. Monaka ice cream and the house’s special pudding follow the way to bring the dining experience to a pleasant end.

Where: Manning House, Queen’s Road Central, Central

Price: Lunch is HK$1,300/person and dinner is HK$2,000/person

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