Fashion files: 5 trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2021

We’ve already introduced you to inflatable pants and shackets (shirt jackets), but are you ready for 2021’s biggest fashion trends? For all the fashionistas out there, here are five stylish trends to get in on, stat:

Oversized shirts

These aren’t just your basic, everyday shirts – they’re not even your typical boyfriend shirts. Shirting this season goes up multiple sizes and they’re best paired with trousers or jeans of equal fitting to keep the proportions oversized. Just remember to keep it casual: sweater vests are a great layering option and as for footwear, opt for chunky sneakers or white tennis shoes. 

Trench coats 2.0

The rainy day favourite gets a little love in SS21, and we’re seeing the trench coat reimagined in bigger proportions and sizes. The new season’s offerings don’t just come in your standard-issue camel colour, but in a variety of neutral shades as well. We’re talking big sleeves, dropped shoulders and bonus points for mixed materials.

How do you not look like you’re drowning in the coat? Here are a few things to keep in mind: keep the inside layers body-hugging and look for ways to show a bit more of your body, whether you’re cinching your waist with a belt/tie or rolling up the sleeves.

XXL jeans

Could 2021 really be the year that skinny jeans are officially deemed outdated? Possibly so. Designers left and right are going for high-waisted, oversized denim in vintage, washed-out shades. They’re most easily paired with softly structured jackets with shirts or blouses inside. Take style cues from Valentino and Celine. 


A cotton trouser that’s not just reserved for the country club, these ’90s essentials are making a comeback in a big way. Similar to the XXL jeans, you’ll want to keep these chinos baggy from the waist down to the hemline to give it a relaxed feel.

A few brands to look to for inspo? Try The Row or Christian Dior. Whether it’s downright minimal or a little bohemian, you’re going to be seeing all shades of khakis come SS21. 

Drop shoulders

We’ve observed the big shoulder trend for quite a few seasons now, and there seems to be no sign of slowing down. Puffy sleeved dresses continue to be a mainstay in the summer months, while lightweight jackets and blazers adopt softer shapes and structures.

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