Dare to wear: Harikrishnan’s inflatable trousers

Credit: Harikrishnan

Who needs #legsfordays when you can have #curvesfordays courtesy of Harikrishnan‘s inflatable trousers? First seen at his London College of Fashion graduate show (which literally made his brand blow up), the up-and-coming menswear designer also known as Harri will be releasing his wildly proportioned bottoms on the e-commerce platform, APOC Store.

Available in two colourways, “Striped Swirl” or “Black Limo,” these Harri inflatable pantaloons are made from Supatex latex with a seven-millimetre valve for easy inflation. Apparently, they’re actually super easy to slip into and take about two minutes to fully deflate (e.g. for trips to the bathroom).

A few things to keep in mind though: they must be kept away from heat and light, metals and oils, and since these trousers are more delicate than you think, you should use talcum powder when putting them on and be extra careful not to overinflate.

Wearing these alone will definitely get you attention, but pair with a slim-fitting top to make them stand out even more.

You can now pre-order your own pair of Harikrishnan’s inflatable trousers on the APOC Store starting at the price of US$1,160.

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