Oro: Worldly Italian feast with guest chef Eugenio Cannoni from La Scala

As a new restaurant in town, Oro is drawing much attention with its Manhattan-Italian food concept. Guest chef Eugenio Cannoni from La Scala Bangkok brings his expertise and vision to the Oro plate

Guest chef Eugenio Cannoni from La Scala Bangkok will be at Oro from March 3rd.

Sitting on top of 28 Stanley Street in the heart of Soho, the property occupies three levels with the restaurant on the bottom, a bar with live music on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and a rooftop terrace at the upper level. Victoria Harbour serves as a backdrop. 

Visiting Oro’s kitchen from March 3 is guest chef Eugenio Cannoni. Hailing from the northern region of Piedmont in Italy, the Monferrato-born chef inherited his passion for cooking from his Apulian grandmother. 

The restaurant interior at Oro

Cannoni’s career was forged out of humble beginnings, ignited by his propensity for great dining and a solid foundation through his family’s restaurant. The Italian chef soon enrolled in some of his country’s best cooking schools, such as Alma di Gualtiero Marchesi, where he was introduced to the world of haute cuisine. Eventually, this led him all over Europe to refine his craft. 

At Oro – which means “gold” in Italian – the meaning lies beyond this precious metal. It infuses the history of Italian immigrants seeking new opportunities and fortune abroad. Dating back generations, when waves of their ancestors hit new shores looking for a better future yet upholding their roots and traditions. 

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The restaurant’s concept is tightly entwined with Cannoni’s own culinary philosophy. The chef aims to preserve products and raw materials in their most natural state, which requires him to employ the most innovative techniques in his cooking. Striving for more eco-sustainable methods reduces waste, lowers the use of animal proteins in his vegetarian and vegan offerings, as well as focuses the concentration of flavours. 

When it comes to vegetables, Cannoni prefers to use high-quality Italian produce. However, this doesn’t deter him from researching and sourcing local organic products – especially vegetables and fruits – to incorporate into his dishes. 

Foie Gras with Langoustine and Grapefruit

At the same time, Cannoni is not one to let adversities pose an obstacle to his culinary journey. Nothing beats experimenting and trying the same dish over and over again in different styles. For example, scampo is a dish that best represents him, he divulged. In just two bites, there are more than eight techniques between preparation and cooking that takes place with just two ingredients, the red bell pepper and scampi. 

But the human element is often at the forefront of Cannoni’s mind. In Asia, the way people experience food is quite different from their Western counterparts, such as in the succession and alternation of the courses. In this part of the world, diners have several courses on the table to share. But in Europe, the succession of the courses determines the balance and success of a gastronomic menu, the chef shared. 

With that in mind, Cannoni aims to add his expertise to Oro’s strong belief in the “Art of Hosting” where food is strongly infused with the Abruzzo heritage. A section of the inner part of the restaurant can be converted into a private room for an intimate gathering. 

Whatever you have in mind, it is the journey that counts at Oro. It begins from the moment you step into the restaurant where a world of flavours from Cannoni’s hometown and Oro’s Manhattan-Italian dishes are delivered to the shores of Hong Kong.

Where: 30/F, 28 Stanley St, Central

Photos courtesy of Oro

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