Gain focus, drive and wealth with crystals in Taurus season

From April 20th through May 20th, the sun is positioned in Taurus. Ruled by the planet Venus and symbolised by the bull, Taureans are known as the stable and steady homebodies of the zodiac

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Those born under this earth sign are known for their dependability, down-to-earth nature and sensibility. Disciplined, patient and methodical, Taureans believe slow and steady wins the race. They have enormous willpower to achieve their goals and like the bull, they don’t shy away from hard work. If you want something done, ask a Taurus. Their endless reserves of tenacity, diligence and resilience will get the job done. Taureans are loved for the loyalty and determination that they bring to all aspects of their life. Once Taurus finds something they like they are all in or nothing. This goes the same for relationships and friendships – they may be slow to commit but once they do they make extremely loyal friends or partners that can always be counted on. 

Being ruled by Venus – the planet associated with love, beauty and pleasure – speaks to Taureans’ love for all things luxurious, sensual and indulgent. They have a taste for the finer things in life – craving good food, environments, people, experiences and anything pleasing to all the senses. They are self-care experts committed to their comforts who love to surround themselves and their homes with beautiful things. You’ll often find artworks, decadent interiors, fine wines and rare collectables in a Taurean’s home. They may appear to be attached to the physical and material world but this is part of their pursuit of stability and comfort. 

Like all zodiac signs, Taurus struggle with negative traits. While generally patient, Taurus does have a hot-temper, they can be calm one minute and like a raging stampeding bull the next.

They are also well known for being stubborn and stuck in their ways. Since Taureans like things to be consistent, predictable and familiar, this makes them resistant to change. They can become so comfortable in their ways they lose sight of the bigger picture and miss out on new opportunities. Taurus’ desire for pleasure means they are likely to over-indulge and their lack of moderation and hedonistic tendencies can lead to greed, laziness and procrastination. 

This season’s Taurus energy is deliberate, patient and grounded. Taurus season calls us to slow down and go steady. Like the methodical thinking Taurus, we can benefit from getting disciplined and being more intentional about our actions and goals. Don’t rush into anything new. Instead, use Taurus’ determined energy to build on current projects and nurture your passions. Taurus energy is very attuned to pleasure and comfort so don’t be afraid to dial up your self-care routine or indulge in life’s pleasures. Know when to rest and take it easy this season. If you’re a Taurus sun sign or have strong Taurus placements in your chart here are five crystals to support you through Taurus season.


From time immemorial emeralds have been revered and worshipped for their sheer beauty and said healing abilities. Emerald is the green variety of beryl that was first discovered in Egypt as early as 1500 B.C. Ancient Egyptians believed emeralds represented youth, beauty, prosperity and fertility and it is well documented as being Cleopatra’s favourite stone. Often referred to as the “stone of successful love,” emerald works deep at our heart centre infusing it with love, kindness, faithfulness and unity. It enhances loyalty, maturity and patience between partners and strengthens harmony in all of our relationships. Physically, emerald is believed to promote fertility, strengthen organs and soothe skin allergies. As the birthstone of May and its promise of wealth, prosperity and beauty emerald aligns perfectly with Taurus’s luxury-seeking nature. It supports Taurus in balancing their emotions, especially feelings of jealousy and anger, which they are prone to. It also eases their possessive and materialistic traits helping them be more open to sharing. 


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Named “fool’s gold” due to its deceptive resemblance to gold nuggets, pyrite has long been a stone associated with wealth, money, abundance and personal growth. This money manifestation stone removes any pessimism or lack of mindset you have around your own success and wealth, and your ability to obtain it. It shifts you into a positive money mindset and reminds you that you are deserving of the wealth you desire. It powers up the solar plexus chakra to stimulate willpower, increase confidence as well as sharpen one’s memory and focus – a great ally for hardworking and persistent Taurus. Pyrite has protective properties and is particularly effective for shutting down manipulative influences around you that you may not be aware of. It pierces through falsity helping you see beyond what meets the eye and making you more vigilant to toxic energy, people or situations. Physically, pyrite is believed to stimulate cell regeneration and support the circulatory, endocrine, and respiratory systems. It is the perfect stone for money and success-driven Taureans as it supports their tenacity and determination. It pushes hesitant and resistant Taurus to move forward without fear.

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A powerful tool for metamorphosis and protector of toxic energy, malachite remains to this day a favoured tool of alchemists, healers and shamans. This heart chakra stone is all about transformation, change, risk-taking and getting us to step out of our comfort zones. Malachite wants you to get real with yourself – it’ll dig deep to mercilessly show you harsh truths that are blocking your path, whether that be external influences or your own destructive patterns. It’ll push you to let go of old traumas, flush out toxic emotions and empower you to break old habits. Malachite arms you with emotional, mental and spiritual strength together with the willingness to change. It’s one of the best stones for energetic protection – deflecting negativity, countering psychic attacks and diminishing the effects of energy vampires. Reach for malachite when you want to strengthen your aura, break out of old patterns, release emotional baggage and are ready to change. Physically, malachite is said to speed up the healing of broken bones, balance blood pressure and draw out pain from the body, especially nerve pain. Malachite supports stubborn Taurus, who tend to be set in their ways, be more open to change and take risks. It helps them release fears around uncertainty and loosens their grip on perfectionism.

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis lazuli is a composition of lazurite with calcite, sodalite, and pyrite often found in deep shades of blue. This captivating stone has a rich history with royalty and artists – it was often seen in Egyptian paintings of pharaohs, queens and goddesses. Michelangelo ground it down to blue pigment powder and used it to paint the Sistine Chapel and Catherine the Great had a whole room adorned with lapis lazuli. Celebrated as “the wisdom stone” lapis lazuli encourages us to acquire wisdom, expand our knowledge and evolve spiritually. It promotes authenticity, truth, creativity and inspires us to express ourselves and share our gifts. Lapis lazuli is a great stone for teachers, students, artists, creatives, singers or dancers as it encourages authenticity and artistic expression. Physically, lapis lazuli is believed to soothe throat and thyroid issues, boost the immune system and soothe inflammation in the body. Lapis lazuli helps the typically reserved Taurus be more expressive and communicative. It also encourages the earthy and physical oriented Taurus to expand their perception and connect to their spiritual side. 

Rose Quartz

Photo: The Crystal Van

Rose quartz is the ultimate healer of the heart-space. With its gentle pink hues and nurturing vibration, this stone emits energies of compassion, kindness, tenderness, nurturing love and healing. Rose quartz is one of the most effective crystals for promoting harmony in relationships, attracting new love, and romance, while building intimacy or a closer bond between partners, family or friends. It has a calming and loving energy that anyone can tune into making it a great beginner’s crystal. Resonating deeply with the heart chakra, rose quartz removes blockages around self-worth reminding you that you are worthy and deserving of unconditional love. Physically, rose quartz is believed to prevent thrombosis, improve the circulatory system, and support mother and unborn child during pregnancy. Taurus being so attached to the external can forget to appreciate their own inner beauty and that of others. Rose quartz can help them with self-love, self-worth and seeing the internal beauty in others. 

Disclaimer: Crystals and crystal healing are meant only to complement other therapies and support our overall well-being. Crystals should not be used as a substitute or replacement for professional medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed health care professional.

Vanessa Hui is a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and founder of Hong Kong-based The Crystal Van. Follow them on Instagram @thecrystalvan

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