Power up with these crystals during Aries season

Those born between March 21 and April 19 fall under the sun sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Symbolised by the ram and ruled by the planet Mars, Aries are one of the most confident and courageous signs of the entire zodiac

Aries are typically head-strong, independent and passionate individuals. They live life to the fullest and throw themselves at the world without fear. Their desire for excitement and seeking challenging new experiences means their lives are rarely repetitive or boring. Loved for their up-beat energy, optimism and cheerful disposition, Aries has a charisma that draws others in. 

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet associated with action, war, aggression and desire, which speaks to their reputation as bold, assertive and competitive. They love to win and thrive in competitive environments. Driven by the need to prove themselves, Aries have relentless determination when they are motivated and will always rise to the challenge no matter how stressful or difficult. Unafraid of conflict or confrontation, they hate to waste time and will never sugarcoat things to spare your feelings.Their brutal honesty may come off as harsh to other more sensitive signs but this direct, “no-nonsense” approach is what helps make Aries such confident leaders and great initiators. 

On the flip side, Aries can be impulsive, impatient and hot-headed. They struggle with self-control and their fiery temper means they often act out of emotion rather than a place of clear-headedness. They tend to make fast decisions without thinking things through, which can land them into trouble. Since Aries are addicted to action and excitement, they get bored easily and their restless energy means they quickly move on to the next thing that sparks their interest. Their desire for action also means they are prone to reckless risk-taking. It’s important for Aries to balance their impulsive energy with patience and groundedness. 

When Aries season comes around it signifies the start of a new astrological year. There is a bold energy that comes with this fire sign. It may call you to take action, leadership and set in motion your plans for the year. Aries’ energy is vastly different from the previous season. Pisces season just gone allowed us to dream, go within and reflect insightfully. Aries season asks us to turn those dreams into reality with conscious action. Go big, take risks or leaps of faith with the cosmic support of Aries go-getter energy. Here are five crystals to harness the powerful energy of this Aries season.


African bloodstone. Photo: The Crystal Van

Bloodstone is known as a stone of health, longevity and courage. This earthy green and red stone is associated with energies of detoxification, grounding and bravery. It is known to increase creativity, encourage selflessness, reduce irritability and promote patience. Bloodstone revitalises the mind and clears confusion, especially when making difficult choices. It enhances assertiveness, helps one see through deception and deal with matters diplomatically. Physically, bloodstone is believed to improve the health of the reproductive system, stimulate the lymphatic system and heal inflammation. Bloodstone’s grounding energy teaches Aries to be more patient and grounded, something this fire sign struggles with. It also supports fickle Aries to see things through to completion. 

Red jasper

A stone of strength and endurance, red jasper has an invigorating energy that complements the energetic and confident spirit of Aries. Beautifully aligned with the sacral and root chakras, this vibrant red stone brings grounding  and feelings of stability and security. Its assertive energy activates our inner warrior and can be used to strengthen your boundaries, increase resilience and bring forth inner strength during challenging times. Physically, it is believed to strengthen the circulatory system, detoxify the blood and liver. Red jasper is also known to help balance sexual energies, stimulate passion between couples and promote a more healthy attitude towards sex. Red jasper is one of the best stones for Aries as it brings out the warrior in them and complements their confident energy. 


A stone of inspiration, youthfulness and unity, emerald is known as  “the stone for successful love” It is believed to enhance loyalty, patience and cooperation in friendships and relationships. Connecting with the heart chakra, emerald invites energies of forgiveness, kindness and grace, teaching you to be more compassionate and understanding towards others. Its nurturing energy opens the “heartspace”, releasing negative emotions and equipping you with the strength to overcome emotional pain from the past. Emerald is also associated with abundance, protection and good fortune. Ancient Egyptians used emeralds believing it would prolong beauty and also protect them in the afterlife. Emerald is an effective stone for Aries as it complements their playful and fun-loving spirit while teaching them loyalty and patience. 

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What better to calm fire than water? When Aries’ energy gets too fiery, Aquamarine’s calming energy can help cool things down. Aquamarine is a stone of truth, harmony and letting go. It teaches patience, tolerance and reminds us not to be too judgmental of ourselves and others. It invites us to surrender and release resistance – this makes it a supportive tool for deepening meditation and moments of self-reflection. This water element stone quiets the mind, clears repetitive thoughts or fear-based-thinking and asks you to break old self-defeating patterns. By clearing energetic clutter it allows you to embrace flow and call in positive new energies. Aquamarine is also useful for improving communication and verbalising difficult emotions, empowering you to speak truthfully with confidence and clarity. Aquamarine softens the direct and often tactless Aries allowing them to communicate with a more gentler approach. 


Photo: The Crystal Van

Citrine is a great crystal for Aries because it’s all about positivity, matching this fire’s signs of bright and enthusiastic energy. This golden yellow stone radiates joy, optimism, clearing negativity and pouring positivity into any space. Known as “the merchant’s stone” Citrine has long been considered a stone of abundance and believed to bring its wearer good fortune, wealth and prosperity. Use it to manifest abundance by placing in the area of your home associated with money – this could be your home office or studio. Citrine not only supports you to attract abundance, it helps you tune into an abundance mindset bringing gratitude and content for what you have, rather than focusing on what you lack. It works with the solar plexus chakra to boost confidence, willpower and stimulate creativity making it a great stone to increase overall productivity. Citrine inspires goal-orientated Aries with the confidence to thrive and succeed.

Disclaimer: Crystals and crystal healing are meant only to complement other therapies and support our overall well-being. Crystals should not be used as a substitute or replacement for professional medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare professional.

Vanessa Hui is a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and founder of Hong Kong-based The Crystal Van. Follow them on Instagram @thecrystalvan

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