5 fan-favourite things to know about “singer-turned-actress” Hyomin

Hyomin is a wildly successful Korean star and is best known as T-ara’s lead vocalist and actress. As our May 2020 cover star turns 33 on the 30th of May, here are five things that fans love about her

She is an avid camera collector

Photo: @hyominnn / Instagram

Stars always stand in front of the camera. However, sometimes, they prefer to be behind it. Ever since #legend cover star Hyomin debuted in 2009, she excitingly opened up about her love for cameras and capturing moments with them.

Her love for cameras is well-known among her fans, and she is especially proud of her camera dry box housing her prized possessions. The dry box, which has seven separate compartments, is filled with cameras – ranging from DSLR and film camera to polaroids and mirrorless cameras. Among them, she owns M 10-P by Leica, which is priced at ten million Korean won (around US$7,900). During her appearance on SBS Love FM Narsha’s Abracadabra, she said she owns 100 different cameras.

Her celebrity network is no-joke

Photo: @hyominnn / Instagram

The singer-turned-actress was the leading diva of a second generation of K-pop stars and is coming up to celebrate T-ara’s 13th anniversary since they debuted. As such, her friendship circle includes members of Girls’ Generation.

Back in 2009, which was right after her debut, Hyomin appeared on KBS’ Heroes, which had many top K-celebrities as their main casts, including IU, Kahi, and Yoo In-na. Her friendship with Yuri and Sunny from Girls’ Generation is also well documented. They openly talk about their friendship on social media and always congratulate one another when they release a new album.

Hyomin was also the first guest on Yuri’s Winning Recipe, a YouTube channel by Girls’ Generation Yuri.

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She is a certified cook

Photo: @hyominnn / Instagram

Many celebrities cook as a hobby. But only a few stars find passion in it – and the certification to prove it. In October 2019, Hyomin announced on Instagram that she had acquired a certificate in Japanese cuisine after undergoing lessons and tests for six months. She also revealed that she’s aiming for certification in Korean cuisine next.

To show appreciation to her fans, she even cooked for 100 of them back in 2018.

She used to be a fitting model

Photo: @hyominnn / Instagram

“Sabok fashion” refers to daily clothing that celebrities wear off-camera. As a result, it often becomes the indicator of a star’s overall style and fashion sense. The feedback from the public when it comes to Hyomin is always overwhelmingly positive. Luxury brands such as Celine and Miu Miu line up to dress her. No wonder she started as a fitting model for online shopping malls before her debut.

Following her continuous passion and love for fashion, in 2021, she launched her fashion brand Say No More.

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She is conscientious about her dream

Photo: @hyominnn / Instagram

Some stars make a success overnight, and some stars put effort into an extended period to get where they are. For Hyomin, her career is an organic one with lots of thought and consideration put in place.

We know her as a singer before she turned to acting, but the birthday girl’s first brush with going into entertainment was enrolling in a middle school acting academy. Whilst there, after learning about the different genres of musicals, she naturally became more interested in singing. Hyomin then decided to pursue her dream as a singer first.

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