Jo Malone London: Discover the world of Cologne Intense

Inspired by enchanting rituals around the world, Jo Malone London has created nine distinctive fragrances to add an air of luxury in the new year

Louise Wong showcases the Cologne Intense Collection. Photo: Jo Malone London

Using the rarest and most luxurious ingredients from faraway lands, Jo Malone London’s perfumers created the Cologne Intense Collection, relaunching this January in brand new jewel-tone designs. 

The rich and rare ingredients used include the fragrant vetiver on the isolated island of Madagascar, the blooming Damask Rose handpicked at dawn along the Mediterranean coast, the precious Kyara wood in the ancient Japanese ceremony of Ko-Doh, and the time-honoured captivating oud.

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In its first Asia Cologne Intense event, the brand designed an immersive sensorial journey around the world in which guests experienced its luxury collection. Guests were impressed by the whimsical set-up with projections, mirrors and rich, vibrant colours as well as the mesmerizing visuals and videos created in collaboration with world-renowned German fashion photographer, Elizaveta Porodina. 

Some coveted favourites in the Cologne Intense range are Velvet Rose & Oud; Dark Amber & Ginger Lily; Tuberose Angelica; Cypress & Grapevine; and Oud & Bergamot. 

Scent pairing is a testament to Jo Malone London’s unique philosophy for bespoke scents. The alluring floral woody pairing of Velvet Rose & Oud and Oud & Bergamot and the mysterious woody smoky duet of Dark Amber & Ginger Lily with Cypress & Grapevine are some recommended luxurious pairings to create a personalised fragrance for the new year.

The collection comes in new smoky bottle designs reminiscent of jewels and precious stones, and combines traditional ancient methods with contemporary craftsmanship, which elevates the heart and base notes to achieve a richer concentration of fragrance notes, leaving a mesmerising, alluring trail that leaves you wanting more.

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