Messika: Move Link is the ultimate fusion of bold design and unisex style

Valérie Messika, founder and artistic director of Maison Messika, has once again pushed the boundaries of jewellery design with the brand’s latest global campaign, Move Link

Messika‘s new collection reinterprets the iconic Move Uno designs, creating a unique and distinctive set that transcends the limits of traditional jewellery.

The Move motif is taken to extreme dimensions, with experiments in scale and motif repetition creating powerful and distinctive jewels that demand attention. XL hoops, on-trend chain bracelets, and chain necklaces offer endless combinations for an irresistible exercise in style, perfect for all ages and genders. Move Link’s clean, angular silhouettes play with size and thickness, resulting in an ultra-contemporary chain set that establishes the Move collection’s iconic status.

Its unique selling point is that Move Link’s exquisite diamond pieces can be put together in endless combinations – an irresistible, ultra-urban exercise in style for every age and gender. With trendy chain bracelets for a rock effect and chain necklaces for a powerful and liberated attitude, the new collection represents a fluid evolution of the way jewellery is worn.

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With-trend chain bracelets for a rock effect, and chain necklaces for a powerful, liberated attitude, Move Link can be put together in endless combinations: an irresistible new exercise in style, for every age and gender.

Valérie Messika explains, “For this collection, I wanted to revisit the trend Messika-style and create pieces with an assertive unisex design.” And that’s exactly what she’s done. Move Link is an androgynous fusion of styles that shakes up convention, perfect for those seeking a bold and offbeat attitude.

The collection features gold flat sections paired with a set and paved brilliant diamonds. It offers a 2023 collection that breaks boundaries with a style that is both strong and flexible. With bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings available in yellow, white, and pink gold, the new pieces are the ultimate fusion of bold design and unisex style.

Maison Messika’s new collection is a new ultra-urban and pop moment, establishing the brand’s reputation as a leader in innovative and daring jewellery design. Indulge in this unique and distinctive collection today and discover the perfect expression of your daring and confident style.

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