Cartier Trinity celebrates 100th anniversary with BlackPink’s Jisoo, Jackson Wang, Paul Mescal, Labrinth and Yara Shahidi

Cartier’s Trinity interlocking rings has reached its centenary milestone and we are all loving it. Cartier ambassadors BlackPink’s Jisoo, Irish actor Paul Mescal, Chinese artist Jackson Wang, English songwriter Labrinth and award-winning American actress Yara Shahidi feature in the aptly named Trinity Centenary campaign

In 1924, Trinity was born. 100 years later, Cartier is celebrating the anniversary of this icon in a new campaign film. More than a piece of jewellery, it is a symbol of unity and diversity. Linked by Trinity’s interlocking rings, Cartier ambassadors Paul Mescal, Jisoo, Yara Shahidi, Jackson Wang and English singer-rapper-songwriter Labrinth, embody all forms of love and the infinite possibilities of connection: family, friends, infinite and the indefinite.


Since her debut with BlackPink, Jisoo has emerged as a prominent global artist, achieving countless milestones. With more than 77,6 million followers on Instagram, this global pop star makes history and brings together an entire generation across the world: from the singer of one of the most successful bands to a talented and iconic actress.

“For me, Trinity is a part of our lives, it links to the idea of diversity and allows me to embrace all my facets – and to encourage new generations to do so.” – Jisoo

Exclusive Trinity master interview with Jisoo

Many people have assigned meaning to the three intertwined rings of Trinity, what do they represent for you?
For me, Trinity is more than just a simple meaning; it defines eternal love in various ways. I love how it represents different facets of what I value the most in life.

How do you celebrate love and diversity in your life?
It’s definitely when I’m on stage, communicating and sharing energy with my fans. That is the happiest way for me.

How do you wear your Trinity?
I wear it in diverse ways. I usually layer the classic Trinity. In an occasion where I want to give a point, I wear the ring with paved diamonds. It’s mesmerising to see how it matches well with any styling.

The new Trinity has reinvented itself by shifting its shape entirely, how do you relate to this ability to reinvent yourself?
I’m not afraid of challenges, so I try a lot of new things which not only teach me many life lessons, but also provide more opportunities for me to grow.

Name a creation, project or a piece that you’ve been involved with that you hope will celebrate a hundredth anniversary?
It is hard to choose just one, but I wish everyone can remember and love BlackPink’s music along with my first solo album [ME], and all the performances and films that I took part in, as much as they remember and love the Trinity.

What makes an icon an icon?
Behind every icon, there is a story which lasts forever; it’s fascinating to see how their stories and styles can influence countless generations. I think the power for one to be remembered from one generation to the next is to have its own know-how, and to be witty in any works and fields.

Jackson Wang

Musician, performer, fashion designer, and creative director, has amassed over 97 million followers across social media platforms. He’s the founder of Team Wang and the first Chinese artist to perform at Coachella two years in a row.

“I hope everyone can find their own standard of happiness and satisfaction. I try to establish emotional links that resemble Trinity’s values.” – Jackson Wang

Exclusive Trinity master interview with Jackson Wang

How do you wear your Trinity?
I like to keep my outfit simple and clean, I like small details or small elements throughout my outfit, especially when it comes to jewellery, so I usually just wear the classic Trinity ring. There were a lot of different options, but I just picked and went with the most simple and straightforward.

The new Trinity has reinvented itself by shifting its shape entirely, how do you relate to this ability to reinvent yourself?
I can totally relate to how it reinvents itself, in my world, reinvention is a constant and it’s essential to creation. But also, it’s important to find you and who you are, what you love and what you believe in. Listen to what is your heart telling you and stick with it.

Name a creation, project or a piece that you’ve been involved with that you hope will celebrate a hundredth anniversary?
I just want to release something that is authentic and true to myself. Everything that were made by Team Wang always come from excitement and passion, and I want to see my ideas come to life. Maybe someone will resonate with it, and some won’t, but I’m fine with that. My dream has always been to leave something for my culture and my people before I am gone. I know I might fail, but I’ll die trying.

What makes an icon an icon?
It’s the same as the previous, what makes an icon is something that is true and will stand the test of time, only time will tell. It’s also very important to keep your mind clear, focus, being aware of who you are, and what do you believe in. Anything or anyone who is an icon is always true to themselves and never let anything or anyone get it the way.

During its history, Trinity has been worn and embodied by different personalities, are you inspired by any?
This is an impossible choice, everyone is very unique, and everyone has such a different perspective. So, instead of just naming one, I’ll just say that I’m extremely flattered to be one of the personalities.

The collection has been worn equally by men and women during a hundred years, how do you integrate genderless creations into your style?
I honestly love how that is part of the Trinity history. Instead of thinking about creating something that is genderless, I would focus more on creating something that is empowering, so people on the receiving end will feel seen and confident.

The noise that Trinity makes, is such an integral point to its design and the experience of wearing it, can you tell us other everyday sounds that could inspire your music?
This is a very common answer I’m sure, but I love people’s voices. I love to observe how people express themselves, how they say certain thing, and the feelings behind what they are saying. All the big and small moments in my life is also inspirational and very important, they make me who I am, the big moments wouldn’t happen without all the small pieces of the puzzle. So regardless of the size of moments that happens in my life, everything adds up and I’ll always be inspired by that.

Paul Mescal

Irish actor Paul Mescal is known for the nuance and sensitivity of his work, on stage as well as in front of the camera. Following his breakout role in Normal People, he has since been nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars as well as many other accolades.

“Trinity to me embodies friendship, love and kindness. It’s an absolute honour to be a part of this campaign” – Paul Mescal


Labrinth is an English singer, songwriter and record producer. Having released three widely successful studio albums (Electronic Earth, Imagination & the Misfit Kid, Ends & Begins), Labrinth took on the role as composer of HBO’s hit series Euphoria, for both Season 1 and Season 2. He has won awards from the Emmys, Ivor Novellos, and Brits as well as having received multiple Grammy nominations. As a producer, Labrinth has collaborated with many internationally renowned artists, and is part of the super-group LSD, alongside Sia and Diplo.

“To feel, to love and to craft as a collective is a truly amazing experience. The collaboration in itself, joining diverse worlds and creating exchanges is a true symbolism of the universality of Trinity.” – Labrinth

Exclusive Trinity master interview with Labrinth

Many people have assigned meaning to the three intertwined rings of Trinity; what do they represent for you?
Right now, for me, it represents music and the way that I work. The idea of different layers that are woven together in a harmonious way is something that is reflected in the music for the campaign – it brings together elements of hip hop, gospel, and classical.

How do you celebrate love and diversity in your life?
Raising a family is three different worlds your kids are one love you nourish, your relationship with your other half is a love you keep the flame reigniting and without love for yourself you can not love your family wholeheartedly all of these are different paths but you don’t have a family without it…

The new Trinity has reinvented itself by shifting its shape entirely, how do you relate to this ability to reinvent yourself?
Each new musical project is a new invention, it shares elements with what I’ve done before, and key principles of my inspiration or my style, but it’s always unique.

How did the history and design of Trinity inspire the music for the campaign?
I wanted the music to represent the layers of Trinity, the idea of a collision of different creative elements that remain connected and maintain a certain harmony, even in tension.

Yara Shahidi

Award-winning American actress, producer, and breakout star of ABC’s Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated series black-ish. She has quickly established herself as an impressive multi-hyphenate and one-to-watch in Hollywood. The Harvard graduate is also known for her social engagement and activism, particularly her fight for on-screen diversity. In 2023, she played the role of Tinkerbell in the film Peter Pan and Wendy, and starred in Sitting in Bars with Cake, which she also executive produced.

“Trinity is an emblem of connectivity and love which is so fitting, as my own life is a result of the deep love I’ve felt from my community of support.” – Yara Shahidi

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