Cartier: A new era of the Tank collection emerges

Cartier brings forth new models in its iconic Tank collection – to the jubilation of celebrity fans

Aaron Kwok wears the Cartier Tank, accentuating how times change but elegance remains the same.

One of the most iconic watches of the last century is without a doubt the Cartier Tank. Since its inception some 105 years ago, the Tank model has been recognised as a symbol of elegance, class and a laissez-vivre in a timeless statement. Whether one’s propensity leans towards the Tank Française or Américaine, there is something about both that keeps translating French sophistication into something that is beloved across the world. From fashion sophisticates to royalty, the Cartier Tank has graced many legendary wrists such as Yves Saint Laurent and Mick Jagger to Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy, who were well-known fans. 

Aaron Kwok was photographed wearing the Cartier Privé Tank Normale watch

Whether it is the Tank Normale (1917), Tank Louis Cartier (1922), Tank Américaine (1988), or Tank Française (1996), each model has amassed its own cult following. Its legacy continues as all Tank models are elevated in response to a new generation of wavemakers and celebrities have taken on the torch to pay tribute to the watch’s values of freedom and style. 

With its campaign launch in Hong Kong, superstar Aaron Kwok – known since yesteryear as one of the “Heavenly Kings” in the entertainment industry – is one of the first to showcase the new Cartier Tank novelties. He is joined by Hanna Chan, Chloe So, Will Or, Chan Kin-long and Chau Yan-ting – all of whom are some of the city’s most influential idols in recent times. 

Since 1917, Cartier Tank has stirred the imagination of the masses with its craftsmanship and enduring aesthetics. Now, the Tank novelties have taken the classic contours and blend it with avant-garde modern design befitting to take the collection into the 21st century. 

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Kwok wears the Cartier Privé collection Tank Normale limited edition watch which loops back to the collection’s first creation. This modern rendition comes in platinum with ruby cabochon and a black alligator strap for that specific touch of contemporary aesthetics. 

Embellishing model and actress Hanna Chan’s wrist is the Tank Américaine watch (small) – it comes in pink gold and for which its case and crown are set with 33 brilliant-cut diamonds. She is also captured wearing the Tank Louis Cartier watch (large) in yellow gold with a crown set with a sapphire cabochon, and bordeaux lacquer dial and alligator-skin strap.

Chloe So on the other hand wears the mini model of the Tank Américaine with a red alligator-skin strap affixed to a pink gold case and crown set with 31 brilliant-cut diamonds. The actress-singer also looks stunning wearing the Tank Française – a refined small model in yellow gold lined with diamonds.

Actor Will Or exudes minimalist masculinity while wearing two different models of the Tank Louis Cartier watch. One comes in pink gold with a crown set with a sapphire cabochon and a three-gold finish dial in dark blue alligator-skin strap, and the other a yellow gold version with green lacquer dial and same-colour alligator-skin strap.   

Fellow actor and director Chan Kin-long is graced with the medium yellow gold model of the Tank Française assuming the role of a consummate gentleman, while singer Chau Yan-ting sports a pink gold Tank Américaine with a faceted sapphire that reflects gentleness and elegance in its overall portrayal of modern eclecticism.  

Cartier’s everlasting and iconic design continues to echo the unique styles of these six distinctive celebrated individuals across multiple generations – fortifying its craftsmanship legacy in watch history! 

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