Buccellati: Talita von Fürstenberg features in new global campaign

Italian high jewellery Buccellati spirits its new testimonial Talita von Fürstenberg away to southern Apulia in Italy where she features in the brand’s latest global campaign

Talita von Fürstenberg is Buccellati’s new international testimonial.

With the enchanting city of Lecce in the Apulia region in Italy as the backdrop, Buccellati testifies to its own rich creative heritage that is comparable with the artistic shaping of this captivating region. In its newest global campaign, the Italian high jewellery brand brings Talita von Fürstenberg – indeed, the granddaughter of fashion designer extraordinaire Diane von Fürstenberg, and daughter of Princes Alexandra and Alexander von Fürstenberg – to this charming southern Italian corner.

Lecce, known as the “Florence of the South,” provides the perfect stage for the brand’s intricate and finely detailed jewellery creations. The city’s Baroque architecture, characterised by ornate facades and intricate stone carvings, mirrors the meticulous artistry that Buccellati pours into each piece. Together, Buccellati and Lecce embody the essence of Italian luxury and offer a harmonious blend of tradition, beauty, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

As the jeweller’s newest young international testimonial, Talita von Fürstenberg is a designer in her own right, as well as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. She primarily divides her time between New York and Los Angeles, but on this occasion is being transported to sunny Lecce as its main focal point in Buccellati’s latest advertising campaign.

This story-telling of wandering through Lecce’s squares and hidden alleys portrays the atmospheric tradition and modernity of the Masseria Francescani – a representation of Buccellati’s characteristic style.

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Captured by the creative prowess of photographer Josh Olins, von Fürstenberg wearing several precious Buccellati pieces translates the maison’s timeless elegance and the city’s enduring charm through black and white shots.

von Fürstenberg wears an exquisite set from the High Jewellery Mosaico collection.

The High Jewellery Mosaico collection such as the flexible bracelet and bib-necklace worn by von Fürstenberg is – as its name suggests – inspired by Byzantine mosaics, in turn reinterpreted by the jewellery brand with shapes of pavé diamonds and coloured gems. This newly reinterpreted line by the maison’s creative director Andrea Buccellati consists of over fifty new pieces (of which some were inspired by the products created by founder Mario Buccellati in the 1920s) and was showcased during the 2023 Haute Couture Week in Paris back in July.

Pieces from the Macri collection on von Fürstenberg

von Fürstenberg wears pieces from Buccellati’s diverse and iconic collections, starting with the Macri line with a 40-year history by Gianmaria Buccellati himself who was inspired by his youngest daughter Maria Cristina to celebrate her simple elegance and coming-of-age femininity. The collection borrowed the first syllables of her name to achieve the name “Macri” and has since become the founding collection of many several new patterns developed through the generations.

The Opera Tulle is another iconic line produced by Buccellati and is inspired by the decadent Renaissance era where the ideal of absolute symmetry of the flower was used as a recurring motif throughout the collection. The central motif however is derived from plans of the great opera houses of Italian heritage, which themselves became starting points for works by Giuseppe Verdi, Vincenzo Bellini and Gioachino Rossini among many others. The sinuous, fine lines and eye-catching decorative forms lend themselves to this collection of prestigious and elegant bracelets, necklaces, chokers, rings and earrings.

Pieces from the Hawaii collection

The innovative Hawaii collection is one that continues to stand the test of time. Since its inception in the 1930s by founder Mario Buccellati, the unaltered design remains a best-seller for its timeless modernity. The intertwined circular threads of hand-twisted gold were engineered into bracelets, long and short necklaces and pendant earrings.

Ramage collections worn by von Fürstenberg.

The Ramage line is part of the Icona collection – a series that found its origin in nature. Interwoven leaves and flowers with unique and complex backgrounds result in moving textures, whether it’s a brooch contoured by cushions of leaves or a flexible bracelet dotted with diamonds and organic patterns. The Ramage pieces specifically are more geometric in design and have tortuous weaves removed, yet preserving the smallest details of each leaf.

All the exquisite pieces from the various collections are set against the Italian city’s boundless elegance and artistry, emphasising the centennial brand’s own distinctive mark of timeless craftsmanship and bold creativity.

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