Buccellati: Icona collections adored for ingenious craftsmanship

Buccellati infuses its specific engraving technique and genuine craftsmanship in stunning artistic and tradition-laced collections

Tulle Craftsmanship is one of the signature techniques at the Buccellati workshop. Photo: Buccellati

Known for their pursuit of perfection in designing fine jewellery, Buccellati has delicately incorporated tradition, architectural elements, history and nature into their craftmanship. With a legacy spanning over a century, they consistently introduced their high-jewellery collections with intricate engraving techniques. It is even more remarkable that these techniques date back to the Italian Renaissance.

Heavily inspired by this revival era in Italian history, Buccellati’s classic designs feature vital elements of Venetian art. The founder Mario Buccellati dreamed of infusing the forgotten techniques of his favourite period. Subsequently, in 1951 the brand became the first Italian jeweller to captivate the hearts of American high society by opening their first store in New York City.

One of Buccellati’s signature lines within the Icona jewel family is the Macri collection. The pieces are entirely hand-engraved using the ‘rigato‘ technique and finely decorated with diamonds. Reminiscent of the Renaissance period, items from the Macri collection recreate a signature silky texture – similar to precious fabric. With an emphasis on engraving techniques, the Macri Eternelle Ring – one of the standout pieces from the collection – is designed as an essential yet unique and timeless piece.

Ramage Eternelle rings in white gold and diamond details and Ramage Round Pendant from Icona collection. Photo: Buccellati

After less than three decades, in 1979, they became the first Italian brand to launch in the infamous Vendôme. Buccellati officially became a heavyweight in the high jewellery industry. Their Icona collection has inherited all the spirit and essence that designer Andrea Buccellati has gathered in their iconic designs, such as the Ramage line within their Icona collection.

The Icona Ramage captivates fans for its pure and essential design. This drop-shaped collection creates romantic and refined pieces that exude gentleness and lightness. Herein you’ll find – as with the other Icona lines (comprising of the Rombi, Macri and Opera Tulle collections) – thoughtfully crafted couple rings and bracelets, such as their Eternelle rings produced in varying widths – the perfect his-and-her symbol of stylish affection.

Designed with rounded lines containing leaves and trunks, this unique style symbolises the Buccellatie house’s “savoir-faire”. The Ramage Eternelle ring from the collection is crafted in a white gold setting and diamonds, with leaf-modelled white gold borders.

Further testament to Buccellati’s knack in reviving traditional techniques and innovating them for the 21st century, they have perfected the art of enamelling. This is used in creating a new decorative element full of charm and elegance. Combining the tradition of ancient goldsmithing, most notably in the Opera Tulle collection, it uses Buccellati’s most precious hallmark, the radial tulle layer. The signature flower portraits the ideal of absolute symmetry.

With two micro logo elements in gold and mother-of-pearl details, the Opera Tulle flexible bracelet is crafted in yellow gold, topped with radial tulle and contoured by fan-shaped scalloped borders. House’s logo inspired flower motif makes the collection more significant.

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