Beachfront paradise at The Residence Mauritius

From the North to the South, Mauritius is inundated with the beauty of nature, culture and history. While the northern part of the island is filled with glossy, pristine resorts, the southern part of the island offers the most beautiful and wildest landscape. Set along a stretch of pearl-white sand is The Residence Mauritius whose presence is reminiscent of a bygone era

Lobby view to pool and beach

The spectacular views of the mountainous terrains, stunning shorelines and tropical coastal environment make the southern part of the island a great holiday spot expedition-style. With several notable destinations including the Sancho Island, Black River Gorges and Grand Bassin to explore, travellers can witness the best natural beauty and history that Mauritius has to offer.

A Relaxing Island Retreat

It is all about relaxation at The Residence Mauritius. From spa treatments at The Sanctuary with therapeutic rituals by luxury French brand, Carita, to sumptuous dining of an exciting medley of Indian, Chinese, European and Creole influences at one of the resort’s dining destinations, or simply luxuriate like royalty in rooms that radiate comfort and charm.

Situated at the beachfront in Belle Mare on the eastern coast of the island, the property is a 50-minute drive from the airport. Belle Mare is one of the island’s longest and most beautiful beaches with the azure waters of the Indian ocean. It offers stunning coves, sparkling lagoons and spectacular dive sites.

Inspired by the island’s stately turn-of-century plantation houses, The Residence Mauritius blends modern elegance with a classic, colonial-inspired style that gives guests a sense of nostalgia.

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Mauritius Cultural Trail

For history buffs, the island’s numerous museums offer keen insights into the flavours that make up Mauritius. Glean into the life of Mauritian poet, Edward Hart, through artefacts and published manuscripts displayed at the coral-stone cottage, La Nef.

Then there is the Mahebourg Naval Museum set in a French colonial mansion built circa 1770. The Frederik Hendrik Museum holds the remains of an old Dutch bakery, a prison, a forge, a powder magazine and a dispensary. The Rhumerie of Charamel on the other hand holds a different kind of charm. Visitors can take part in the rum-making process – learning about its unique fermentation and tasting the different flavours of rum.

One of its most famous attractions is the Grand Bassin, a sacred natural lake resting on a volcanic crater. This picturesque location comes with an interesting legend. It is believed to be filled with the waters of the holy Ganges of India. This lake is of immense religious significance for the Hindus residing in Mauritius. It is a place of worship where several temples dedicated to Shiva and other Gods are located.

The Wild South Eden

The southern part of Mauritius is home to the Black River Gorges National Park. With its protected hardwood trees, waterfalls, and spectacular vistas that would entice hikers of any level, the gorge is the island’s largest national park. Located in the central highlands, the forested landscape is a refuge for a variety of dove species, white-tailed tropicbirds and the rare Mauritian pink pigeon among others.

For a more leisurely park exploration, Vanilla Nature Park is a lush tropical vegetation covering 3.5 hectares. The park showcases a diverse range of animal species. This reserve comprises a large number of crocodiles as well as the largest colony of tortoises in captivity in the world, in addition to many other animals including deers, wild boars and carp to name a few.

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